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Portal Companion Cube Bead (for charm bracelets)
KSND @seasofthesun Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it!
KSND @maotura thanks! Lapidary means "stone-cutting". They are usually coated in cheap synthetic diamond so they will cut gems. Google lapidary dremel, go to the shopping tab, and you'll find all sorts of sets. Your dremel kit may already have a few in there.
KSND @maotura it's a different model than TG, mine has more depth to the features so they stand out more. I used nail polish to add the hearts to mine, but I'm sure you could dremel the hearts if you wanted to (silver is softer than a lot of metals you can dremel). If the stones are cheap enough, you might try some lapidary inserts for the dremel to work with the stones instead, so you can set one aside if you make a mistake (though you may have to glue them down to prevent them from flying and unstick them later with nail polish remover). I would just use the nail polish myself, but if you manage to pull it off I'd love to see pictures!
KSND @maotura Hi maotura: yes, officially-licensed. In fact I was one of the pilot creators involved in the Valve-Shapeways licensing partnership that launched in 2017. As for differences in silver production, I haven't printed it in "fine detail" but I suspect there isn't going to be much difference with this model, everything comes through just fine with regular polished silver. Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do my best to answer.
KSND favorited Wax Seal Stamp by KSND
February 7, 2020
KSND commented on WHAM- King Sandman x2 (1/285th) by KSND
September 5, 2019
WHAM- King Sandman x2 (1/285th)
KSND Hi @GrandMarshal, thanks! What system are you wanting to play with? Scale is relative to system. If you play BattleTech, I suspect you might be looking for this version of the model: (which is 1/160th scale for WHAM but 1/285th scale for BT). Or to put it another way, what general size are you looking for, regardless of "scale"? I probably need to reload the double models sometime anyway. Shapeways keeps changing their pricing scheme - at one point it was cheaper to have to models together, now I think they charge double for it unless the models are physically connected. Kind of a pain, but it is what it is.
KSND commented on Prop- Everlasting Gobstopper by KSND
September 3, 2019
Prop- Everlasting Gobstopper
KSND Hi @Dimensioner, good catch, I've put the correct pictures in their proper places. Don't worry about the other model, as Shapeways changes their print and pricing rules I sometimes create duplicates and variations to test how things change.
KSND @holliday360 Thank you for the kind words!
KSND commented on Portal Companion Cube Thin Pendant by KSND
November 2, 2018
Portal Companion Cube Thin Pendant
KSND @pie322 Excellent, I'm glad you like it!
KSND commented on Portal Companion Cube Ring Box by KSND
October 14, 2018
Portal Companion Cube Ring Box
KSND @alicefung Shapeways only prints nylon in monochrome. If you don't want to paint it, I made a gypsum version here:
KSND Glad you like it! One of the best games ever made =)
Just uploaded several new Weighted Companion Cube products. Check the Portal section of the shop if you're interested!
On request, just rescaled a bunch of mechs to 1/937th (BattleTech map scale). Tiny but epic!
KSND commented on Mecha- Arachnid II (1 285th, mm) Multi-Part by KSND
December 3, 2016
Mecha- Arachnid II (1 285th, mm) Multi-Part
KSND @tank_santa Done. I made most of these things before Black HiDef Acrylate was available, so I just needed to go in to flip the switch.
KSND Thanks, glad you like it!
KSND commented on WHAM- Hex Building Stackable (1/160th) by KSND
November 3, 2015
WHAM- Hex Building Stackable (1/160th)
KSND The sandstone is the cheapest. Nylon is roughly the same price at 5 cents more (not counting polished or colored), and acrylic is about 3x the price. If you'd like it in another material, just let me know and I'll make it available.
KSND commented on Wearable Cat Claw (Single Claw) by KSND
October 9, 2015
Wearable Cat Claw (Single Claw)
KSND The trouble is that people's fingers come in so many shapes and sizes, and change size so much throughout the day, that without the big knuckle to hold it on (per a normal ring) it would be really hard to get a good fit like that. My suggestion is to sew these into come cheap gloves. They'll be easy to take on and off, and easy to keep track of. That said, if you're absolutely set on something specific, we can work together on a solution. What I made here was just more affordable to print, fits everyone, and doesn't matter which hand it's used on. But I made it one way, I can make it another.


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