Dimensioner favorited Akaku Gorod Masterov by Zhokker
August 30, 2021
Dimensioner commented on The Light Medallion by FuzzyDragon
September 23, 2019
The Light Medallion
Dimensioner @FuzzyDragon Awesome! thank you!
Dimensioner @FuzzyDragon Are these medallions solid or hollow? Also, would it be possible to make them available in more materials--or at least add White Natural or Processed plastic so buyers could then paint them? Thanks
Dimensioner commented on Prop- Everlasting Gobstopper by KSND
September 3, 2019
Prop- Everlasting Gobstopper
Dimensioner @KSND I wanted to double check before I ordered this: are the photos of the glossy sandstone or natural? The natural sandstone items I've bought before weren't shiny like that, but the photos are labeled as natural sandstone. Also curious--what's the difference between this one and the one that's not for sale anymore in your store?
Dimensioner commented on [Titan] Kanohi Avohkii by Onuku
December 17, 2018
[Titan] Kanohi Avohkii
Dimensioner @Onuku You might want to tweak the axle on this one a bit to make it thinner. I ended up cramming it onto a Metru head, with the hopes that the mouth hole might shave down the plastic a bit but what happened instead was the Metru head got warped and now official masks fit in it a bit loose. It's a perfect, enlarged replica of the Avohkii, though, aside from the difference you pointed out, which is neat!
Dimensioner commented on Articulated Mata Foot kit by meliug_ocan
February 17, 2018
Articulated Mata Foot kit
Dimensioner @meliug_ocan Well, like I said, I've made the sword and I feel it's pretty accurate, as are my handcrafted versions of at least the masks we have high quality images of. And even if we don't know exactly all the components used (seemed to be mostly Bionicle parts existing at that time) or how they were fitted together, we aren't limited by that with 3D modeling. We can make whatever we want. Let me know if you'd like to work together on any of the prototype Inika stuff.
Dimensioner @meliug_ocan I've noticed you design a lot of "vanilla" Bionicle pieces--things that look like they could be official parts or altercations of existing parts. Have you ever considered doing any of the prototype Toa Inika weapons or masks? I've always wanted Hahli's flippers, Matoro's snowboard, or Jaller's sword. I handcrafted the sword and pretty much all of their masks from existing pieces and could provide you with reference pictures. This isn't like a commission or anything; I'm curious if it's something you have considered doing.
Mata Nui's Sword - Movie Edition
Dimensioner @AArami I just received this sword today. It's a neat idea but it needs some work. The blade is a bit long and the axle could be a bit larger around. As it is right now, it will stick in the Glatorian hand if you push it all the way in, but it doesn't stay in the Hero Factory/Bionicle Gen 2 hand. I also think some parts of it could be made to look less blocky and maybe a bit sharper (more like a sword.
Dimensioner commented on Bionicle Articulate Mata Torso (Lower) by CeeZee
November 18, 2017
Bionicle Articulate Mata Torso (Lower)
Dimensioner @CeeZee Have you had these parts or any of jointed limbs printed? I am curious if the friction between the ball and socket lasts or if it wears out. Seems like frosted ultra detail would be more ideal for parts like these.
Dimensioner favorited Davy Jones's Key by edrice
November 7, 2017
Dimensioner commented on Davy Jones's Key by edrice
October 1, 2017
Davy Jones's Key
Dimensioner @edrice I've been buying stuff from Shapeways for about two years now, and I just got this key (in stainless steel) yesterday. Most of the other stuff I've bought is Lego pieces. This may be one of my favorite items! The texture isn't quite as smooth as it is in the 3D render--I can still see some of the print layers (can't even really feel them). But the weight and the feel of the item are just so right! As far as I could see, any official movie replicas that are out there are made of plastic or some kind of cast metal--this one feels authentic! And it's a nice price too!
Dimensioner commented on Toa Hagah Masks Combo Pack by 00dude00
May 26, 2017
Toa Hagah Masks Combo Pack
Dimensioner @00dude00 As a follow-up to my last comment, I guess painting the ultra detail worked for you. Would you happen to still know what paints you used for the silver and dark (flat) gold? Also, do you plan on doing your custom staffs and chest armor used in your old models as well?
Dimensioner @00dude00 Oh yeah. That's a good point. I guess I'm not sure on the difference between polished and not polished. I think I've ordered both in one order and I couldn't distinguish different textures or appearances. As for Frosted Ultra Detail: for the price I'm paying, it doesn't feel right to paint stuff in that material--but that's just me. It also doesn't seem like paint would stick to it the same way it does to the porous plastics, but looks like it worked for you. I like the idea of buying everything in one pack since it's cheaper so I don't think you need to add the polished option just for me.
Dimensioner @00dude00 I just followed the BZPower link and now everything makes sense! The inspiration for these is what I though it was, but I didn't know you were the one that designed the originals. Is there a reason they are not available in white strong and flexible polished? That's typically the material I like to buy masks in.
Dimensioner @00dude00 Hey, these look awesome! I recognize where you got the inspiration for them but I also love your take on them! Definitely something I'll be buying soon.
Bionicle Heroes style Kanohi Ignika
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 I just noticed that it looked you have some of my pics associated with the wrong material. The transparent one is acrylic not frosted ultra detail. Or maybe that's just a default setting and Shapeways is being silly
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 Is there a chance you could make this available in polished yellow again? I was considering purchasing another one to actually spray paint gold sometime soon and I'm thinking it will work better if I start with a base plastic that's already close-ish to my target. I have my current yellow one fitted on one of my favorite sets (2001 Tahu) right next to my computer so I can look at it and admire it all the time! You did an EXCELLENT job on it, and I see you've been working on masks for other people that look pretty interesting as well. Keep up the great work!
Dimensioner commented on Kanohi Mask of Healing by tom_rule95
January 20, 2017
Kanohi Mask of Healing
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 more or less my finished painted product. It could maybe use a bit more fine detailing but it can be hard to paint with a cat sitting on your lap!
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 hey, I ended up doing both (used silver but also got creative)! I'm not quite done painting but I'll post a picture when I am.
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 Did the creator of this one say what color(s) it's supposed to be? I purchased it because I always like seeing your designs, but I'm not sure what color to paint it.
Dimensioner commented on Kanohi Mataidentoka by tom_rule95
October 19, 2016
Kanohi Mataidentoka
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 My god. I never expected to see this one! Actually, maybe the picture I'm thinking of also had the masks of light and shadow mixed in. Still: definitely going to buy this! Are you available to take another commission?
Mask Of Ultimate Power Titan Scale
Dimensioner @thetacigma Based on what I've seen in the past (and it looks to be the same for this mask), I'd say this is Citadel's "Auric Gold" paint.
Dimensioner @AArami No, that means it's a prototype piece, not that it's fake. That's what they've done a lot in the past: model a new piece, and 3D print it before deciding whether to make molds to mass produce it.
Dimensioner commented on Nuva Cube by AtreiDHD
June 20, 2016
Nuva Cube
Dimensioner @Atreides42 What is the difference between this Nuva cube and the other two that were on here before it, as far as you know? It's the cheapest one but I was wondering why, considering they're all the same size.
Dimensioner commented on Mask Of Conjuring by tom_rule95
June 2, 2016
Mask Of Conjuring
Dimensioner @tom_rule95 You might consider thickening the walls on this a little bit. I don't know if the person who had it commissioned has commented on it at all; I ordered one in black and it came yesterday. It's really cool, but the back edges of it are a bit too thin for my comfort. I'm surprised it didn't get rejected by the printers but maybe it would just be an actual problem if polished plastic was an option. Besides that, it's a great design and it looks pretty much just like the source image!
Dimensioner commented on Kanohi Mask of Avidity by tom_rule95
April 27, 2016
Kanohi Mask of Avidity
Dimensioner I'm curious to know what the origin or inspiration for this mask is. It looks familiar but I just can't place it; the best i can come up with is it kind of looks like Breez's helmet from Hero Factory combined with the Rocketeer's helmet, and maybe something else.
Dimensioner commented on Chinese Zodiac Talismans by Leeramid
April 8, 2016
Chinese Zodiac Talismans
Dimensioner @lukegonet Will these be made available in the new coated full color sandstone?
Proportional Millennium Puzzle - Yu-Gi-Oh!
Dimensioner @vaguelygenius Thanks for the speedy response. I'd already looked at all your stuff before and I was somehow forgetting that this model is larger than life. I've been after life size replicas of these ever since I got into the show and your stuff is pretty much the only decent models I've come across! I don't know which to buy first.
Dimensioner Is this solidly plastic or is it hollow to a degree inside? If it is solid, I wonder if it and any of your other Millennium Items could be made hollow in areas to make them cheaper.
Dimensioner commented on Voriki parts pack by Maphrox
November 21, 2015
Voriki parts pack
Dimensioner @Maphrox Why, I got it in the only material one should get it in: purple strong and flexible polished. Instead of discontinuing it, you ought to try to improve/fix it or look for someone who could help you. People in the future should get a chance to buy it too!
Dimensioner @Maphrox I ordered this recently out of curiosity. It looks like several other people have posted pictures of the ones they got and they all seem fine. But when mine arrive, tips of three of the four lightning bolts on the mask were either bent or nearly ready to fall off because of how it got shipped. I wonder if you would ever consider making the mask and staff head a little bit thicker so future purchasers don't risk the damage mine received. The way they are now, things seem kind of fragile.
Dimensioner commented on Hau by mingles
November 7, 2015
Dimensioner @mingles Hey, I didn't want to answer you until I found a solution but a lot of things got in my way and I didn't work on it for, well, about a month. I didn't ever try a lot of force to get the mask to fit because when I tried a little bit of force, I noticed the head's plastic starting to deform. I didn't want to ruin any heads. So I worked on the mouthpiece with a variety of Dremel tool tips until I got to the point that it was too loose :(. I just now put some nail polish on it, because I've read elsewhere that that works for plastic masks being too loose (and it does work with the ones that I've tried it on). It takes several days for the nail polish to solidify, though.
Dimensioner I bought this in polished brass because I figured I would never come into one of the five 24k gold Haus released in the beginning. It's really pretty, besides having a couple spots on the forehead and being just slightly bigger than an original Hau. The mouthpiece is just too big to fit in the old Mata head. @mingles: How did you get your brass Hau to fit on the head?
Dimensioner commented on Avohkii by crunchyn
July 10, 2015
Dimensioner Nifty mask! I ordered this at the same time I ordered the epic movie version Kraahkan on here so I've got both Makuta's and Takanuva's masks as seen in the movie. I have some hardening putty and some spare 2-length axles that could be used so this mask can be worn, but I haven't decided if I'll do that or just leave it as decoration and maybe spray paint it gold.
Dimensioner commented on Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix by tom_rule95
July 7, 2015
Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix
Dimensioner @tom_rule95, are you still open to taking requests? I sent you a PM about a week ago and wanted to know if you're still around.
Kanohi Rapa - Mask of Elasticity (Bionicle)
Dimensioner @benjamin_collins_1995, check out this page. It's the creator's forum post and it contains the source pics for the masks he has made. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16930-3d-printable-kanohi-olisi-elemental-energy-more/


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