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Spider-Man Homecoming Web Shooter (v3) -TOP
kenlandrum There are only 3 sizes. Smallest has a 60mm wide wrist. But remember, most folks add thin foam to the inside to ensure a snug fit and to make them more comfortable. See the photo above on how to measure.
kenlandrum @lhenriquecmatos No. I am still perfecting my spider-fluid formula.... ;)
kenlandrum @CosplayLover Here ya go. K
kenlandrum @ansonrinehart No. The 70mm size comes in 3 separate parts. Top, bottom and cartridge. Thank you Ken
kenlandrum @kyle1 They are a bit textured but I always sand and prime before paint....sometimes I even use spot putty.
kenlandrum @WinterBoy_ I believe the first choice is "Black Strong & Flexible" Thanks Ken
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 these fit a wrist width of 70mm. foam padding is usually added to the inside which makes them fit smaller wrists but these seem large for you.
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 I am sorry but you need to contact "Shapeways" to find out how long it takes to print. I think they can do it pretty darn quick, but contact them for sure. The way it works here is I just build the 3D models and upload them for folks to enjoy while shapeways prints them and ships them off to customers. These are the best shooters out there if I may say so.... Ken
kenlandrum @bmedina45 Yes you will be purchasing the printed shooter not the file.
kenlandrum @Spickey6 No I don't have a picture of the finished shooter on someone's wrist. There may be some posted in this thread or on As Fo how they attach, the picture in the preview on this page shows how they can go together.
New Civil War Spider-man WebShooter (v2)
kenlandrum @austinlingerfelt yes it is. Note that these are the first generation shooters. The v2 has a bottom cuff and are more accurate. Ken
kenlandrum @Ivanv25 They are 5mm X 1mm Tiny Disc Rare Earth Neodymium N35
kenlandrum @Sp2002 It's only one shooter... also, it does not come with straps. I would just use velcro and black elastic. K
kenlandrum @cosplayivan25@cosplayivan25 It means that you would be the first to try to have it printed... Don't know why it says that because its been printed a zillion times...
kenlandrum @cosplayivan25 It's for only one. Ken
kenlandrum @Drgabor14 The button is $2-3.
kenlandrum @Drgabor14 The price is for all of the pieces shown in the picture. Because some people asked for a trigger button you can buy that separately if you like.
kenlandrum @bmedina45 Yes. But you can also purchase the web shooter button. It is sold seperately. I also have a version 3 shooter available that is even closer to the movie look. Ken
kenlandrum @Zerctremodsv1 That is correct K
kenlandrum One Shooter
Spider-Man Homecoming Back Spider-165mm
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 I am not sure. I have not printed this model. My intentions were to print it in ninjaflex or make a mold and cast it in urethane. Sorry I can't be more help. Ken
Spider-Man Homecoming Front Spider (63 mm tall)
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 Hey Mike I really don't know how long it will take. I am only the guy sharing models I built. Shapeways is the company printing and shipping your item. You need to contact them for a processing time. Thanks Ken
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 No, but more than likely wouldn't fit anyway being that my shape could be different than the one on your suit now if you're using my pattern for your suit that should fit perfectly as it is.
kenlandrum @fb5e75f@fb5e75f Chances are even if we resize it it's not gonna fit the spider I did is probably different than the one you have put it on your outfit. Sorry.
DeadPool Movie - Back Scabbard Buckle
kenlandrum @tonosaman0606@tonosaman0606 Nope. The back of the scabbard is open... like a shell. I did this in order to make it as inexpensive as possible.... it's never seen anyway. cheers Ken
Spider-Man Homecoming Web Shooter (v3) 65mm SET
kenlandrum @fb33dd9 Great!! Can you share a picture when finished?
kenlandrum @fb33dd9 No, I'm sorry... Velcro sold separately. Seriously though, u can get it just about anywhere. K
kenlandrum @Spiderkid1223 I'm sorry. I have no idea...I am just the modeler. You need to contact shapeways for the print schedule. Ken
kenlandrum @raziasjr84 Those came out great!
kenlandrum @Daniel1974 Replied below
kenlandrum @raziasjr84 Replied below
kenlandrum The black is a little more than the white it seems... also note these are complete sets. No need to purchase an upper, lower and web cartridge separately.
kenlandrum Remember, the suit, any raised webbing and the Velcro to attach the two haves will take up a couple of millimeters. Please take that into account when ordering. Better too large than too small. They can always have padding or foam added for comfort that will make them fit better.
kenlandrum @Daniel1974 Shapeways sets the prices by volume and material used. I just upload the model... sorry.
Spider-Man Homecoming Web Shooter (v3) 60mm SET
kenlandrum @kirchnertyler5 Email me at And I can send u one. K
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 All the depots have it for sure... Home Depot, Office Depot..
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 Wal-Mart maybe?
kenlandrum @Spidey_Mike2016 No I'm sorry. The only thing shapeways will send you are the printed parts. You will still have to paint and add velcro. K
Apollo A7L Red Apple Connector (pt 1 of 5)
kenlandrum @Shelbyman Sorry, but I'm not sure I know what you mean. THIS IS the part it sounds like you are looking for. There are 5 parts to the red apple cap.
Civil War Spider-Man Static Lens Frames
kenlandrum The lens space is very different on both lens frames. Sorry. Ken
kenlandrum Frames only. There are no lens files... sorry
kenlandrum @kusaka You need a heat gun and a bowl of cold water. SLOWLY heat the frames until they are soft enough to bend. Form them to your face shell and dip in the cold water. Just be careful when heating. Do it slowly so you do not damage your frames.
kenlandrum @jarryd Yes, you should receive both lenses with this one purchase. K
Spider-Man Chest Webbing (fits kenlandrum print)
kenlandrum @fb9b498 Download them from rpf and resize to whatever dive you need.
kenlandrum @fb9b498 All of these raimi web files are designed to fit my free raimi pattern available on The pattern file contains a thin light line as a guide for placement. Hope that helps. Ken
kenlandrum I use white.
Web Fluid Cartridge & Belt Clip (Civil War Spider-
kenlandrum @ra1983 If I remember correctly the cartridges snap into the holders and there are two holes in the holder to allow you to attach it to the suit. The cartridge does have a spot for a magnet that you can put on the back and it lines up with a hole on the shooter so you can put a magnet on the shooter as well. Hope that helps.
kenlandrum They can be sewn on using the holes in the clip.
kenlandrum @davidcantur@davidcantur You would have to contact shapeways on any discounts. I only build the models.
kenlandrum @davidcantur I get the magnets off of eBay for about $3.00 for 50 of them... 5mm x 1mm discs
kenlandrum @davidcantur No they are not included but the design can accommodate two rare earth magnets per cartridge.
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 Search 5mmx1mm earth magnets That's what u want.... They are very inexpensive too! Just hot glue them on.
kenlandrum @Jelmate You get one cartridge and one clip per order. K
kenlandrum @mpsa1989 No they connect right to the suit with fasteners, hot glue or thread via the the holes made in the holder. K
kenlandrum @raziasjr84 I added the hole to the clips so u can use a variety of fasteners. U can even use hot glue or sew them if u prefer.
Spider-Man Homecoming Web Fluid Cartridge (v3)
kenlandrum @RaRe_X_Shadow no it does not.
kenlandrum Hello! I'm sorry but I only modeled the item. Shapeways determines how long things take to print and ship. You would need to contact them for that info..... sorry.
kenlandrum @stevendrew100k I use 5mm X 1mm Tiny Disc Rare Earth Neodymium N35 Permanent Strong Magnets... these new shooter don't require magnets, but I am sure they would help secure the fluid cart.
kenlandrum @Zerctremodsv1 no it will not. It is only a prop.
kenlandrum I like to use magnets for everything, but in this case I suggest hot glue or drilling some tiny holes and stitching the to your suit. If you are wearing your suit for any length of time you want them firmly attached.
SINGLE Web Fluid Cartridge (Civil War Spider-Man)
kenlandrum @Zerctremodsv1 There are two slits on the v2 shooters. One on each side. Black elastic strapping can be looped into one side and velcroed to the other for easy adjustment.
kenlandrum @Zerctremodsv1 Yes, they fit into the top of the shooter. The trigger is probably best heated and bent a bit to fit your hand. There is also a button that fits on the end of the trigger. It's available separately. Also you will need some black elastic to complete the wrist strap. Take a look at the v3 shooter. It's much more accurate and requires no elastic.
kenlandrum @hanburglur1156 Yes. That's the one.
Spider-Man Homecoming Web Shooter (v3) -BOTTOM
kenlandrum @tonymalmgren Yes, that is the plan, BUT you may be waiting a while... if my workload stays as it is you may be waiting a LONG while. Sorry.
kenlandrum @milena96 No I'm sorry, but I have not had time to print it yet here at home. Thanks! You can post your request on the rpf if you like as I know several folks have.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 --- Web-Shooter
kenlandrum Sorry, I am no longer updating any of the TASM2 files. All effort is being put towards the new MCU/Homecoming Spidey.
kenlandrum @russfong No. There is a right and a left. One has the power button and one does not. You would need to contact Shapeways regarding shipping. They handle the printing and shipping. Thanks!
kenlandrum commented on ASM2 2-pc-faceShell-TOP ONLY by kenlandrum
June 20, 2016
ASM2 2-pc-faceShell-TOP ONLY
kenlandrum @alexyadayada Yes, it is made specifically for those lens frames.
kenlandrum commented on Deadpool Leg Sheath v2 by kenlandrum
June 13, 2016
Deadpool Leg Sheath v2
kenlandrum @nguyenjl It can be sewn or use velcro to attach it to straps. K
The Amazing Spider-Man LEFT (TREAD SIZE 12 US)
kenlandrum @alexyadayadayes. Of course... Once I get the measurements from you.
kenlandrum @alexyadayada I can if you give me the exact size from heel to to big toe. Euro & us sizes are different, so I need inches or mm. Thanks
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 --- Web-Shooter-w/ Button
kenlandrum Order one with a a power button and one without. There are two different files available in my store.
kenlandrum @alexyadayada Only one. As they are different. One has a power button and one does not.
Iron Man mk III - Arm ring (left or right)
kenlandrum Here is a print of that model with a ruler. Please check to see if it will fit you before ordering. K
kenlandrum @fbe0657 Yes that is correct. They are the parts the arm goes through under the armor visible when you lift your arm. Because I used them for a display and not a suit u just need to make sure the size works for u.
kenlandrum @fbe065 Yes it is, but please look at the size will accommodate the diameter of your arm/ bicep Thanks Ken
Check out this cool product! - Web Fluid Cartridge & Belt Clip (Civil War Spider-
DeadPool Movie - Back Scabbard - 18cm tall
kenlandrum @dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent@dj_erimo_v_gent No there is no video. But this is how it works. What you do is you find yourself to black straps that you will wear around your body and you attach your scabbards and across pattern on the back...where the scabbards cross on your back that is where you cover them with the piece that you purchase. So essentially there is no wait being held on the cover the straps hold the weight of the actual swords and the part that you print is basically a decoration that goes on top. Hope that helps, Ken
kenlandrum @nguyenjl Right here. You need two of them.
kenlandrum The scabbard is just a cover for where the straps criss cross on your back. There are no built in fasteners so it would need to be glued, velcroed etc. Hope that helps, Ken
kenlandrum I would search ebay for some toy swords that match the currently released reference from the film. I have not gotten to the point of buying mine yet, so I can't be more specific. As for shipping times, you need to comtact Shapeways for a estimate. Don't forget to order two buckles with the scabbard! Also take a look at the Deadpool Belt buckle I have in my store. Thanks, Ken
The Amazing Spider-Man RIGHT (TREAD SIZE 12 US)
kenlandrum maybe. What size do you need? (length in cm/mm please)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - LensFrames-26cm
kenlandrum @kley34 Another option...
kenlandrum @kley34 No, the white mesh is stuck to the back of the lens. There are several options of this type of material available. Do a google search for: spiderman lens mesh You will find all kinds... white, metallic chrome, etc.
kenlandrum @GregXMAlegend Something like that can not be easily printed or cheaply for that matter....I suggest you go to and do a search for "spider-man lens mesh" or do the same search in google images. There are a few choices available out there.
The Amazing Spider-Man RIGHT (SOLE SIZE 12 US)
kenlandrum @mmzxwolfblade Sure. According to this chart: ( They should be 9.875" from heel to toe. Please confirm this and I will re-size accordingly.


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