obadiah hamilton


New Civil War Spider-man WebShooter (v2)
Zerctremodsv1 @fbcfd3e one shooter and its does not shoot web fluid
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum Hope you enjoy my Spiderman Photo
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum Cool You did really good on the Web shooter
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum Look I'm Really sorry for getting mad at you its just that you know I really want to be Spiderman but I don,t Care I would Like To Hire You if you wanted.
Zerctremodsv1 I got it today it looks beautiful thank you I'm sorry for what I said
Zerctremodsv1 and this web shooter can be used to shoot webs just try to study Spiders in science about their silk
Zerctremodsv1 sticky web fluid
Zerctremodsv1 Magnets with the webshooter can be used to shoot webs by first attaching the magnet to your webshooter then try to insert the cartridge in to the shooter and maybe even just run by electric
Zerctremodsv1 Spray Nozzle?
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum thank you for telling me now I know the web shooters are fake and the web cartridges are fake and don,t shoot real web fluid and the trigger is fake and the webshooter is small and just for Cosplay and I pretty do not like them but its a good paint color and its do looks real but its not
Spider-Man Homecoming Web Fluid Cartridge (v3)
Zerctremodsv1 ok so once I get the webshooters v3 homecoming and slide the cartridges in its not going to react?
Zerctremodsv1 is this for a cosplay
Zerctremodsv1 added a product to a list
August 29, 2016
Zerctremodsv1 commented on Web-shooters (TASM) by Lightman
August 20, 2016
Web-shooters (TASM)
Zerctremodsv1 are these fake
SINGLE Web Fluid Cartridge (Civil War Spider-Man)
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum thanks for the cheap price on the webshooter and web fluid man I had a hard time trying to find one
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum ok and this is the last one I'm not trying to get on your nerves so it shoots web fluid or nozzle spray and is it sticky to any surface.
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum and I press the trigger and nozzle spray come out and one thing is it sticky to any surface like in the movie spiderman webshooter attach to buildings in order for him to get to falcon and winter dude is it like that
Zerctremodsv1 @kenlandrum ok so once I get I put on the web shooter or gotta get an elastic in order to wear it I'm not trying to be a butthole just want to know
Zerctremodsv1 cause I order both of them I wander what it looks like when I get it and it better be worth it too!!!!!
Zerctremodsv1 so you just inserted in the slide then press the front trigger
Zerctremodsv1 commented on Spiderman homecoming web shooters by woodbend
August 16, 2016
Spiderman homecoming web shooters
Zerctremodsv1 @woodbend yeah my brother got that too he jump off a small building and shot it at the truck and he ride it!!!!!
Zerctremodsv1 @woodbend my friend told he had web shooter v2 and he use it and it shoot real sticky web fluid by getting the more needed Items!!!!!!!! can you belive that he show me the video too!
Zerctremodsv1 @woodbend thanks for telling me bro what about web shooter v2?
Zerctremodsv1 can it attach to buildings like spiderman


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