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Generations Windblade - Upgraded Heel Spurs
JohnBonhamatron @RDVNFIRE Sorry it's taken a while to reply to this. They're attached together on sprues, to lower the printing costs, so yep, just snip them off the sprues, and you're good to go.
JohnBonhamatron @Dekershekers Yep, the heel spurs should work just fine. I made them available in purple, and metallic plastic, for that very purpose. :)
JohnBonhamatron Apologies for not sorting this out sooner, but... I've made it available for you guys in both polished purple AND metallic plastic. The price on both is the same as the standard Black Strong & Flexible. :D
JohnBonhamatron @thunder117 -Professor Farnsworth voice- Good news everyone! These should be hopefully going back on sale later this week, as soon as my super-final prototypes arrive in the mail! So, basically, watch this space! :D
CW Megatron - Cannon Beefomizer
JohnBonhamatron @jesse_johnson1 I'm working with SND to do a full kit for Megs, so I won't be doing any more upgrades for him here, I'm afraid.
JohnBonhamatron @Hyoumaru Hmm, that's odd. Obviously I have no control over the printing of the item, but have you spoke to Shapeways customer service? There's always going to be SOME graininess to WSF, even when polished, but it should be noticeably smoother than the unpolished version. Shapeways customers service is, in my experience, absolutely fantastic, so it might be worth dropping them a line. Let me know how it turns out!
JohnBonhamatron @Cyberpath Ooh nice, and thanks very much. And yep, I didn't want to make it TOO big (which I always thought was one of the problems with the DX9 kit), lest it look daft in tank mode.
JohnBonhamatron @Cyberpath Ooh, looking good! :D
JohnBonhamatron @SpumoniDingo D'oh, I could've sworn I'd already made it available in black! Ah well, it's available in black now! :)
JohnBonhamatron @Lawn_Gnomes Awesome, glad it works for you. :)
JohnBonhamatron @triponthisman Woohoo! Firing missile and everything! :D That does look awesome. :D
JohnBonhamatron commented on Generations Siren Rifle by JohnBonhamatron
January 25, 2018
Generations Siren Rifle
JohnBonhamatron @spiritwars@RFAurora Apologies for taking bleedin' ages to reply. I've made it available in BHDA, now, but please bear in mind it's never been tested in that material, so buy at your own risk. Also, it's considerably more expensive in that material, purely down to the printing costs.
Gen. Minerva Kit #2 - Chestplate
JohnBonhamatron I've made it available in BHDA, but bear in mind it has never been tested in that material, so I can't guarantee how strong the final piece will be (so buy at your own risk). Also, there's a much higher material cost on it, so the price is higher on that version, alas.
JohnBonhamatron @westencombs1995 Hi there. I've put the three items together, and made them available in WSF, in both polished AND unpolished form, so you can decide which you want, based on the price:
JohnBonhamatron @westencombs1995 Hi there. Which bits were you wanting putting together? If you send me a direct message, I shall see what I can do! :)
Gen. Minerva - Full Conversion Kit
JohnBonhamatron @AztecLos13 Hi there. This kit's for the IDW Bumblebee/Nightbeat/Goldbug mould. Since the only thing that varies between those three is the head, it will work nicely with all three versions of the mould.
Gen. Windcharger/Decepticharge Head
JohnBonhamatron @greboguru Sure, I've added that in the material you're looking for. Just be aware that the material costs are noticeably higher than FUD, so the final price is higher, as well. Thanks, Mark
JohnBonhamatron commented on MP-Sized Windblade Head by JohnBonhamatron
December 15, 2016
MP-Sized Windblade Head
JohnBonhamatron @pedrop Unfortunately not, this was done as a commission for a larger figure, and I've no plans to shrink it down, I'm afraid. It'd mean doing it from scratch to make sure everything fits, and alas, I don't have the time to commit to redoing it, I'm afraid. Sorry about that!
Gen. Nightbeat Upgrade Kit #3 - G1 Toy Chest
JohnBonhamatron @greboguru This was very early in my design career, so yes, they need to be removed for vehicle mode.
The Rong Head - with poseable eyebrows!
JohnBonhamatron @Go_Faster_Wings Thanks very much! And ooh, I would very much like to see that if you pull it off! Is there anyone that Alpha Bravo can't be turned into? :P
JohnBonhamatron @Starganderfish I wasn't planning on offering it in FUD, no, because the eyebrow axles are VERY thin, and they WILL break in those materials. Sorry about that!
JohnBonhamatron @goobahead1 To be honest, I'm not sure, as I don't have Generations Chromia to try it out. However, I will say that if it does fit on the ball joint, it might be too big to stow away in alt mode. I do also sell a smaller version of the head (minus the poseable eyebrows), though, and that one would be more likely to fit.">a smaller version of the head
Transformers Comics Tribute - MTMTE Rung
JohnBonhamatron @itzilzah That's REALLY weird. :/ I recognise the model, it looks like the one Fakebusker designed, so I have no idea why Shapeways sent you that one instead of this kit (and since I get an email to let me know when one of my products is bought, I can confirm the order you placed was for THIS kit; maybe your order got mixed up with someone else's?). You'll need to contact Shapeways customer services (as I have no control over the printing and despatch), but I will say that in my experience, they're brilliant at getting stuff sorted out. Let me know how you get on, and if you need any more help!
JohnBonhamatron @k_manos I've heard of people trying a couple of different methods to smooth out the surface, a good lathering of Future polish before painting him seems to be the most popular. :)
JohnBonhamatron @Drewsiferxxx Fantastic news, I'm glad it got sorted out quickly! I tell ye, Shapeways' customer service is just brilliant. :D
JohnBonhamatron @Drewsiferxxx :( I'm sorry to hear that. Definitely let me know what transpires (I will say that I've had dealings with Shapeways' customer service before, and I always found them to be absolutely brilliant, so I'm sure it will get resolved quickly).
JohnBonhamatron @frenzyXprime -Professor Farnsworth voice again- Good news everyone! Rung is back on sale! :D
JohnBonhamatron commented on MP-Sized Windblade Neck by JohnBonhamatron
February 26, 2016
MP-Sized Windblade Neck
JohnBonhamatron @ss4steve Apologies for the delay, and I've sent you a PM on TFW with some more specific details, but... the ETA for availability is right now! :D
Gen. Minerva Kit #3 - Head
JohnBonhamatron @marvel_b I'm reluctant to pull the head apart on my Dead End (as I haven't got any plans for that figure), in case I can't get it back together again, but if anyone happens to know the dimensions of the ball joint, I can have a crack at it. It won't be for a while, as I'm absolutely swamped, but I could certainly have a look at it in future. :)
Gen. Nightbeat Upgrade Kit #5 - IDW Comics Chest
JohnBonhamatron @PNeithan Hmm, that'd probably work, aye (although be careful you don't sand too much off, and ruin its structural integrity). Also, if you look at the back of this MTMTE chest, I've hollowed it out as much as I could, so there should be a bit of extra room to play with. All I'll say is go slow at it, and don't ruin the base figure for the sake of leaving the chest on.
JohnBonhamatron @PNeithan Hmm, if you cut the clips off and glued the chestplate on, then it shouldn't get in the way of the transformation at all, no. The only thing to be aware of is that it would likely lift the front wheels off the floor (as the chest is deeper than the actual clearance underneath the car).
JohnBonhamatron @ultratron Due to where the clips sit on top of the stock chestplate, no, this chestplate needs to be taken off to transform him.
Gen. Tailgate (IDW Version) Head
JohnBonhamatron @Fallyn Also, you have no idea how long I waited to get my hands on Generations Swerve. Totally worth it... :D
JohnBonhamatron @Fallyn Innit tho! Up until recently, the only place I could find Generations figures was Kapowtoys. Of course, even though I can get them elsewhere, now, I still use Kapowtoys, but there ye go. :P
JohnBonhamatron @Fallyn And yes, if I ever get my hands on one (they seem to be hard to find over here in Britland, nowadays), I'd design a Rodimus kit for him in a heartbeat. :P
JohnBonhamatron @Fallyn Heh, I consider TFA Blurr to be one of the best looking figures from that line! I see someone different when I look at him, though. I see Rodimus. ;)
JohnBonhamatron @Fallyn Thanks very much! :D At the minute, I don't know have Chromedome on the slate, no, as the alt mode didn't really scream "Domey" to me, but if people ARE interested in it, I can look into it.


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