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July 17, 2017
Titans Return Bumblebee Arm / Neck Swivel Hinge
triponthisman Every now and then an upgrade comes along that just takes a good figure to the next level. TR Bumblebee surprised me with how good he was, but those bicep windows really got on my nerves, so when I saw this kit, I jumped on it. Installation is fairly easy for a Shapeways kit. If you get the dyed version, you will need to do a bit of trimming, but if you are into Shapeways, that should be nothing new. Honestly the hardest part was the dang pins. The end result however is totally 128.56% worth it. Seriously, with this kit, TR Bee goes from a good figure to probably the best CHUG scaled Bee I can think of.
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February 5, 2017
triponthisman added a product to a list
January 22, 2017
triponthisman commented on m_head by 3dprintron
June 28, 2016
triponthisman This is hands down the best Megatron head for customs. Ordering my 3rd one!
triponthisman commented on Deceptive Hustler Head by SteamShield
February 29, 2016
Deceptive Hustler Head
triponthisman SteamShield is a genius! This head adds so much to the figure, fits perfectly and even adds to the range of motion.
Triple Changing Sword For Gen Springer
triponthisman @WindbladeZero... And I am an idiot. Did not scroll to the left!
triponthisman Does anyone have any pictures of this kit assembled?
CW Megatron - Cannon Beefomizer
triponthisman Decided to swap it to my G1 Megatron. Still looks bad ass.
triponthisman I would say you can take this baby out of beta. Fits like a glove and looks great in both modes! One of the best products I have ordered from this site. P.S. Yep missle does fire. My cats are currently fighting over it.
RTS Deluxe Perceptor Accessories
triponthisman Hey Fakebusker, I ordered this a few days ago, and my order was canceled. I have no indication from Shapways why. Any ideas?
Ironhide Dotm Voyager Shoulder Upgrade
triponthisman Thanks for making this. By far the best fix for this guy.
triponthisman commented on Crosshairs' Crossfires by fakebusker83
June 10, 2015
Crosshairs' Crossfires
triponthisman Man, I love this set. In fact I might have to get a few extra for other figures.
Ultimate TFP Beast King Robot Head Part A
triponthisman Third time was the charm. Love, love the head.
triponthisman @Incedius I notified Shapeways, and was specific as possible. Thanks for the help, and love your work!
triponthisman @Incedius Yep. Part B is complete.
triponthisman @Incedius Hey, I picked this set after getting your awesome dragon head, and it seems that the only part I am getting is the helmet section. I brought the issue up with Shapeways and they sent me a replacement with the same issue. I am missing something? I have thoroughly checked the baggie and box, and I do have part B. Thanks for your help!


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