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GCM is an all Canadian design and manufacturing company for R/C in the Scale Truck and Offroad segment, doing R/C retail since 2007

GCMRacing commented on VTH Interior Main Panel by GCMRacing
June 1, 2019
VTH Interior Main Panel
GCMRacing @fb85a9f The stock servo that came with ours is a 903 spektrum. I don't think yours is original unless they changed the truck somehow during production. The 903 is way smaller than that one you have. The 903 never covered over the rear tower plate screw holes. Here's a pic from vaterra: https://rcnewz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/vaterra_twin_hammers_16.jpg
GCMRacing @fb85a9f what's holding it up at the front? Something is touching it underneath.
GCMRacing @fb85a9f If you're panel doesn't fit THAT BAD, then you should contact shapeways and get a reprint. Clearly it's shrunk or mis printed somehow. See this video, it uses ALL The stock TH components to bolt on and fit with the factory shift servo etc. We used the 1st generation Hammer for our build. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKxsJAAnecU
GCMRacing commented on Skeleton Rear Body Bumper Mount Set by GCMRacing
October 7, 2018
Skeleton Rear Body Bumper Mount Set
GCMRacing @InWeirdPeril You are correct, we have made videos of each of the new developments of the product. We chose videos on purpose to use as instructional tools to convey more information than paper, as well as actually showing the items in a functioning state. Your comments may be helpful for another user who is likewise trying to blend multiple vendor items on one build. Placing your comment on this item such as "Attention: Battery mount will not work with Dinky RC Cantilever Suspension" as you stated would then have to be followed up by saying "Attention: this body mount set will not fit Proline Lexan" and then "Attention: this battery tray will not fit 4s 5ooomah packs" etc.. even though we've never recommended them in the instructions, or on paper. Some things in multi vendor builds must be inferred by the builder. We chose to demonstrate the items and setup that actually do work together to help you make best choices when purchasing and building from our items.
GCMRacing @InWeirdPeril Thanks for the comment. We don't use or suggest the Dinky RC suspension on this build or in this video. Full detailed chassis instructions can be found in the Skeleton section of our YouTube channel called gcmracing1 In the early Jeep skeleton models we built we used the Dinky RC suspension with the battery mount under the seat, which is also noted in our videos showing that particular suspension.
GCM's new Skeleton Rear body mount set is ready! http://shpws.me/Mnnb Skeleton Rear Body Bumper Mount Set
GCMRacing commented on VTH Roof with Light Bars by GCMRacing
February 14, 2016
VTH Roof with Light Bars
GCMRacing @paul_erik_bastiansen Hi, I had purchased a handful of each color, and then desoldered one red from each bank and replaced the red with the orange, or replaced the red with a blue. This was the easiest way, and simple to do. The red board with 3 LEDs on it was the base from which I started.
GCMRacing GCMRacing did sell a light kit at our Canadian web store when we stocked this roof, but we no longer do this kit. There are some matching items linked below, and can be assembled in any configuration you wish. They will fit into the light pods directly. Other colored strips are also available from the same vendor. Thanks Red: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16382__3_LED_Strip_Red.html White: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16382__3_LED_Strip_White.html
GCMRacing commented on 22R 1-10 motor Front Accessory by GCMRacing
January 2, 2016
22R 1-10 motor Front Accessory
GCMRacing @tokdl The belts are tiny hair elastics. Shapeways does not supply these. We got them at a dollar store. Thanks


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