William Mathis


3D modeler, Artist
Making 28mm Miniatures digitally since December 2010.

Head - Mongolian MK003 - Revision  003a
dynath @v3kter This is odd. I have rescaled this in the past using the shapeways tools and it appears that it didn't save the new scaling. Please report it to customer service and ask for a refund. I will resize it manually on my end and upload a new version of the model with a lower scaling.
dynath commented on Psychic Hood - 001a by dynath
May 8, 2019
Psychic Hood - 001a
dynath @csempere It is roughly the size of a standard space marine shoulder pad so it should fit on either regular or heavy armor, though it will work better on regular armor.
dynath commented on ODST Helms X5 by dynath
November 28, 2018
ODST Helms X5
dynath @remi_solanke You are in luck then :) I did rescale them https://www.shapeways.com/product/XX8RRGEYS/odst-helms-002a?optionId=75626461&li=shop-inventory
dynath @hunterh51 I'm glad you like the design. The original requester used them on space marine scout bodies. If you would like I should be able to rescale them a bit to fit IG models.
dynath commented on rifle 001a by dynath
November 6, 2018
rifle 001a
dynath @KartoffelGranate I'm sorry it came out at the wrong scale. I've been having issues with shapeways printing my older models larger than originally intended. If you can give me a week I will upload a correct sized file to fix the issue. You can report the issue to shapeways customer support and they will refund or replace the print for you. Again sorry this happened.
dynath @strikerp Per shapeways end user agreement the printing of life sized weaponry, prop or otherwise, is prohibited. This model is a 28mm replica designed to be in scale with miniature wargaming models.
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/Qz15 Psychic Hood - 001b
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Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/QyTQ Techno - tetsubo mk2a 004a
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/Qpvt Wolf Cataphractii request
dynath commented on 28mm Dalek Trooper Sprue by dynath
May 1, 2018
28mm Dalek Trooper Sprue
dynath I suspect this is an error that has appeared since the model was uploaded ages ago. I had uploaded it before they introduced the ability to scale the model in shapeways so it could have been caused by that. I'll look into it and correct the issue.
dynath @phoenixrising Odd, the prints I have ordered from shapeways stand 32mm not 36mm tall. They are intended to be in scale with Warhammer miniatures, though they are roughly the same height as my black tree design Dr Who miniatures.
dynath @ImperialAirways Stands 32mm tall to top of the head. roughly the same height as an Imperial Guardsman. The ones I've built I mostly mounted on flying bases making them much taller. Emperor is 76mm tall. Spider Dalek depending on build could be from 33 to 55mm tall.
dynath commented on Markiplier head 1 by dynath
March 6, 2018
Markiplier head 1
dynath @benjamin_collins_1995 LOL. I might. this was a specific request and an opportunity to practice sculpting a likeness at this scale. I need to edit this one first, get the hair right, change the smirk a bit. etc. then maybe.
dynath commented on Techno Guan Dao 5up by dynath
January 27, 2018
Techno Guan Dao 5up
dynath I've updated the model to be smaller. It should now be 5.8cm directly between the Terminator and Power Armor sized pole arms. I feel this is a decent sizing compromise as the original person who commissioned them wanted them for White Scars on Bikes. Beyond that the grip can easily be shortened when pinning to the hand. If I make it to much smaller it will have problems with printing.
dynath @Mefiston It's the terminator ones I had originally scaled it from. I'll see what I can do to scale it down so that it isn't so long. I won't be able to get to it until this weekend though.
dynath @Mefiston I'll see what I can do for scaling. They should be the same length as the polearms in the grey knight kits.
dynath commented on Mk1 Techno-Hammer (5) by dynath
January 2, 2018
Mk1 Techno-Hammer (5)
dynath @pedrop@pedrop In theory yes. However I have no point of reference for the scale you are talking because I don't buy or own transformers. I'd need actual measurements to do so.
dynath commented on 28mm M41a Pulse Rifle (x5) by dynath
July 8, 2017
28mm M41a Pulse Rifle (x5)
dynath @fb984d5 they should fit on space marines just fine, they were designed for scout marines/IG so they may look a little small on the new primarus marines.
dynath commented on Phaser Rifle Type2 001a (x5) by dynath
March 12, 2017
Phaser Rifle Type2 001a (x5)
dynath @Scouls502 I've rescaled all of the star trek weapon models by between 40% and 70% depending on their base model measurements. Federation weapons were off by the most followed by the bajoran ones. I hope this helps.
dynath @Scouls502 I'm very sorry to disappoint you. :( I don't have a good reason for the scale difference. I suspect that a change in printers or materials has caused an issue but I don't really know. I'll do my best to make this right though. :(
dynath @Scouls502@ That's odd.. when I originally test print them they were the right size :( I'm very sorry about that. This weekend I'll rescale them and upload a new version so they are properly sized again :(
dynath commented on Techno-Axe 001b (x5) by dynath
December 11, 2016
Techno-Axe 001b (x5)
dynath @fabiano_chavier001@fabiano_chavier001 at 22mm tall these would stand roughly the same height as a lego figure. I'm not sure of the grip size of a lego hand but I don't think the handle is thick enough to fit them. sorry.
dynath commented on Techno Dao 5up by dynath
December 11, 2016
Techno Dao 5up
dynath @fabiano_chavier001 Sorry these would be to big for lego, they would be a bit taller than a minifigure.
dynath commented on Gatline Cannon 001a Carried 4x Pack by dynath
January 25, 2016
Gatline Cannon 001a Carried 4x Pack
dynath @greboguru the description field has been emptied during one of shapeways updates but it used to identify them as 28mm heroic scale for warhammer 40k
dynath commented on Space Undead Energy Rods (x20) by dynath
June 9, 2015
Space Undead Energy Rods (x20)
dynath @DivergentReality so about a millimeter short :( . It's hard to predict the shrinkage percent between materials as they change. I'll try and find time to adjust them for future orders. I'm very sorry.
dynath commented on Steel Eagle Tank Bike 28mm by dynath
April 4, 2015
Steel Eagle Tank Bike 28mm
dynath @Freakazoitt thanks I'm glad you like the design.


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