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Remi Solanke


remi_solanke added products to a list
17 days ago
remi_solanke favorited Guardsmen - A by Aurel_309
April 15, 2020
remi_solanke added a product to a list
April 9, 2020
remi_solanke favorited 28mm Folkestone rifles by Freakazoitt
February 24, 2020
remi_solanke favorited Hip Armor Custom Sprue by ACEMinis and Auto Rifles by Greymorn
November 22, 2019
remi_solanke commented on 20 x Heavy Infantry Shoulders by Greymorn
November 20, 2019
20 x Heavy Infantry Shoulders
remi_solanke these look great, are they Tempestus Scion size?
remi_solanke commented on 28mm Folkestone rifles by Freakazoitt
November 16, 2019
28mm Folkestone rifles
remi_solanke This is really cool! Do you think you might (at some point do a version of this gun with the hand already holding it? It is quite difficult to make a pistol grip hand hold a stock-grip weapon
remi_solanke favorited 28mm Folkestone rifles by Freakazoitt
November 12, 2019
60x Storm Fist - Shoulder Insignia pack
remi_solanke Will you be doing a small curved version of this set? The kind that fit on a kneepad etc?
Plasma Repeating Shotgun Sprue X10
remi_solanke No dice huh? Oh well... Still, beautiful design nonetheless
28mm Steampunk Mosin M1891 laser rifles
remi_solanke Would it be possible for guns with this type of grip, that you could do a version with the hand already moulded to it? Most arms that you get with kits have a pistol grip so it is hard to get the right look. Really do love this design
remi_solanke commented on Abomination Servitor by FortificationsFoundry
October 28, 2019
Abomination Servitor
remi_solanke Do you have any photographs of this next to any 40k miniatures? Fantastic design!
remi_solanke commented on Plasma Accelerator Pistol by Greymorn
October 25, 2019
Plasma Accelerator Pistol
remi_solanke Awesome work!
remi_solanke added a product to a list
October 24, 2019
Harakoni Warhawks Helmet 2 generation
remi_solanke This is seriously awesome work!!!! I will definitely be purchasing!
remi_solanke commented on Guardsmen - A by Aurel_309
October 19, 2019
Guardsmen - A
remi_solanke You sir, are a bit of a genius! This is awesome!
remi_solanke commented on Heavy Infantry Shoulders by Greymorn
October 19, 2019
Heavy Infantry Shoulders
remi_solanke These would be great for my Maccabian Janissaries! Are these ok for Guardsmen size troops?


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