Barry Clements


3D modeler, Designer
My main hobby is model railroads. If you have a particular design you would like to have produced, please contact me to discuss.

Check out this cool product! - HO 1/87 Horsebox 1987 Imperatore 3-4
HO 1/87 Dry Bulk Trailer 11 - Heil 1040 Superjet
baztrains @jlwills42 I have had a few models made in HDBA material and it seems very good. It certainly doesn't need the amount of cleaning FUD/FXD requires, although the supports leave small 'pips' on the surface. But these can be removed fairly easily. Creating 3D models can take many hours. For a one-off sale, you'll probably have to commission someone to make this for you.
baztrains @jlwills42 Hi Jon. I would just advise care if using a grit/sand-blaster. You may take off the sharp edges to some of the smaller details of the model. I have tried the 'polished' version of WSF, and have seen this effect, although I do understand the polishing and blasting processes are different. Have you thought about one of the self-levelling primer-type paints, to smooth the surface of the WSF material? regards, Barry
baztrains @skiefer901 Hi, and thanks for your interest. Can you send me an email through the Shapeways system and I'll respond to this? Thanks.
baztrains @nkpman Hi nkpman, I've only just noticed your question, and don't think I've responded to you. Can you send me an email through the Shapeways system and elaborate on your question please? I'm not sure what you're asking. Thanks.
baztrains @nmaniac You are correct, it comes as one-piece. You can easily remove the wheels if you would prefer to fit Promotex or Herpa axles. I've cut off the 3D-printed wheels with a razor saw and drilled through the 3D-printed axle with a pin-vice. This leaves a 'tube' to pass the Herpa axle through. Hope this is helpful.
Check out this cool product! - HO 1/87 Bathtub gondola extension #1
baztrains commented on N 1/160 Wheel Mask 36 Inch Dia by baztrains
August 11, 2016
N 1/160 Wheel Mask 36 Inch Dia
baztrains @ppfoten211 The part masks the wheel surface that touches the rail, & the front face of the flange. The axle points cannot be masked, as you would need to suspend in thin-air, a cap over the axle-point. Or have webbs or sprues holding this cap, but these would then be in the way of the paint that needs to get to the face of the wheel.
HO 1/87 MSW Trash Container for Atlas Flatcar
baztrains Hi ?, please contact me via Shapeways message system to discuss further. Thanks.
Check out this cool product! - HO 1/87 Feldbinder Grain-Sugar Tanker
Check out this cool product! Internal cross-beams added for strength.- N scale 1/160 Doublestack Arrowedge - aerodynamic
Check out this cool product! - HO 1/87 Gondola extension #2 - Atlas ACF Coalveyor
Check out this cool product! - HO 1/87 Gondola Extension #1 - Atlas ACF Coalveyor
Check out this cool product! - 1/87 Boeing railcar - fuselage canopy
Check out this cool product! - 1/87 HO Frac Tank 21,000 gallon Open Top
N scale 1/160 Conveyor Unloader (Transloader)
baztrains @ekapus I'm pleased you are happy with the model and hopefully I can tempt you back with some of my other designs. I'mmafraid I don't know if anyone makes a fixed version, but if you want to email me via the Shapeways site, perhaps this is something I could create and add to my designs. I wait to hear from you.
baztrains @jmarley76 Thanks for your comment and the photo. I'm glad you are pleased with the model. Barry
baztrains commented on HO 1/87 Dry Bulk Trailer 01 by baztrains
November 19, 2015
HO 1/87 Dry Bulk Trailer 01
baztrains @fbf2bdf If your model did not have the roof walkway, please contact Shapeways with details/images, as it sounds like a 'mis-print'.
baztrains @thomstoc Hi, the models are printed in white Nylon powder. You'll need to paint them. Depending on the quality of finish you're happy with, you can spend as much or as little time as you wish, on this. I found that using an auto (car) filler/primer paint and rubbing down with sanding-sticks gave me a good enough finish to paint. You could also try self-levelling primer/paints.
baztrains @SethNeumann Hi Seth, sorry for the late reply, I hadne't received any notification about your enquiry. The two ned-caps to close-off the holes at the front and rear of the tank are un the underside. They are on two short sprues to hold them away from the underside so you can snip them off easily. Just CA them to the body.
HO 1/87 NASA space shuttle SRB flatcar cover
baztrains @fec701 Thanks for your comments. If you need decals, please contact me. I have also released a Titan Rocket container & A/C unit in both HO and N.
baztrains @Yurii Yes, I can supply decals, please contact me.
1/72 NASA Crawler Unit with fixed tracks
baztrains @aerogijon Dream no more............ it is here to buy.


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