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I'm a sculptor thinking about geometry, science, and biomorphic fantasies. I show here and at Welcome!

Bathsheba commented on Inscribed Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba
December 19, 2018
Inscribed Klein Bottle Opener
Bathsheba @yael_eisenberg2 It's out of my hands unfortunately. Sending mail to might help or might not. Sorry I can't do more!
Bathsheba The engine that runs this is a) not under my control and b) not up to speed with nonalphabetic characters. My advice is don't buy if it's not showing a good preview, because Shapeways will send what the preview shows. This is the workaround: On that model you can put an image, so you can use any font, character or what have you. I recommend using it if there's any doubt at all!
Bathsheba @johnjdoe1238 Yes, it should be possible to engrave it. The metal is funny stuff, part steel part bronze, but it's solid. I use an engraver to write my signature on the bigger pieces that I sell on my own site, so I know it can be done!
Bathsheba @johnjdoe1238 Hi, then you might need to write to customer service,, to cancel the order? I can't see or affect orders other than my personal ones: I'm not really in the loop at all with yours. When you're typing in the inscription, it should show you the live 3D model, with the text on it, in the picture at left. So while I can't check whether that's working, if it is you should see a drawing of a Klein bottle with that inscription. If you're not seeing that, it hasn't worked. Again sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps!
Bathsheba @johnjdoe1238 Hi, sadly I can't affect an order that is in progress. You can probably still cancel it and start over? To get these inscribed, you type in the message that you want in the "Custom Text" box at right. Then it should show you a preview. (But unfortunately it doesn't do punctuation.) Sorry for the confusion!
Bathsheba commented on Ora Pendant by Bathsheba
January 24, 2018
Ora Pendant
Bathsheba @Daren_Strange Yes, this worked:
Bathsheba @renegadetea Hi, I'm sorry it didn't work out. The ship time on steel parts is usually 9 business days, since they are made to order, so it was a short deadline...we all try, but it's hard to 100% Christmas.
Bathsheba commented on Gyroid by Bathsheba
December 8, 2017
Bathsheba @TonyRiet Hi, it's a long story, replied by DM.
Bathsheba commented on Pendant Tetra by ek01
September 14, 2017
Pendant Tetra
Bathsheba I see you are also enjoying the freedom to create near-miss versions of designs by other artists. That's disappointing.
Bathsheba commented on Nudi by Bathsheba
April 20, 2017
Bathsheba commented on Battery Cover (repaired) by gmgerken
March 23, 2017
Battery Cover (repaired)
Bathsheba What is this mysterious part? The internet has whispered it to me, and I will pass this information on to you. This is a replacement battery door for an HP 11-C Scientific Calculator, a wonderful machine which was manufactured from 1981 to 1989. Its unusual form factor, delicious keys, and deeply consistent use of RPN won many hearts, and its incredible durability have kept thousands of units going to this day. Mine is 35 years old and they will, in all seriousness, pry it from my cold dead hands. The only thing wrong with it is that sometimes the battery doors get lost. This part fixes that. @gmgerken Thanks! It works great. Maybe put some tags and a description on it? I can't be the only one.
Bathsheba favorited Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba
March 3, 2017
Bathsheba commented on Lightning Valve Caps by MichaelMueller
December 7, 2016
Lightning Valve Caps
Bathsheba @MichaelMueller Psst! This is featured in the "last minute gift guide", and the Presta link is broken. Feel free to delete this comment.
Bathsheba commented on Rajina by Bathsheba
November 21, 2016
Bathsheba @nocturne The brass and silver pieces here are made by casting wax prints into metal, and the size limit for those is 89 × 89 × 100 mm. So I can turn on this smaller size in those materials, but the larger size on my site could be printed here only in the steel or plastic materials. I can certainly turn on either of those options if you like; just let me know.
Bathsheba commented on Hypercube B by Bathsheba
June 26, 2016
Hypercube B
Bathsheba @John_Dorce A very valid decision. :-)
Bathsheba @John_Dorce I put it here:
Bathsheba @John_Dorce How big do you want?
Bathsheba commented on Quintrino by Bathsheba
May 16, 2016
Bathsheba @moroplogo@moroplogo The models you link are not mine. This design is often plagiarized, and you have found some examples of that.
Bathsheba commented on Metatrino Pendant by Bathsheba
April 18, 2016
Metatrino Pendant
Bathsheba @lilili Sure, I've turned it on. I usually leave it off because the name is misleading -- the material is not a stainless steel, it's the same steel/bronze metal as the other steels -- and I think the other steel finishes are prettier. But if it's your favorite, go for it!
Bathsheba @adam_kope I'm not sure it'll print, but I see the printability wizard thinks it passes the guidelines so what the heck, I'll turn the steel materials on.
Bathsheba commented on Rygo by Bathsheba
March 8, 2016
Bathsheba @payprplayn Mathematica, Surface Evolver, Rhinoceros. It was a long time ago though, and you might be able to do the whole thing in Rhino now: people do very fancy math in Grasshopper and other plugins. (I still use Surface Evolver though -- the docs aren't easy reading, but if you're serious about minimal surfaces it's the tool for the job.)
Bathsheba commented on Flame Alpha Pendant by Bathsheba
February 9, 2016
Flame Alpha Pendant
Bathsheba @DGraves late, but wow nice photo.
Orions Belt: Silver: Top Section (part 1 of 2)
Bathsheba How do the parts stick together, do you have to glue them?
Bathsheba commented on Ears by Bathsheba
December 18, 2015
Bathsheba @nocturne At this size no. I did try; I think the problem is that the green part collapses. If a smaller one might be interesting, I can set that up. Let me know?
Bathsheba commented on Double Zarf by Bathsheba
December 18, 2015
Double Zarf
Bathsheba @nocturne I agree -- metal printing technology is in a state that people will later see as endearingly primitive, in just the way we now think 8-bit graphics are cute. There is a touch of sabi about that flawed surface, which is unexpected in an object billed as "from the future". PS Thanks for the photo!
Bathsheba commented on Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba
July 10, 2015
Klein Bottle Opener
Bathsheba @PhilHibbs @geeklodge Thanks for the note geeklodge! Word. I must beg to differ Phil: the coolest thing about a Klein bottle is that everything is already inside it. You're right that the circle of self-intersection is an artifact caused by embedding the bottle in 3 dimensions, but it's not a defect. Whereas cutting a hole would change the topological genus -- I'd have to retitle it "Möbius Shorts"!
Bathsheba @PhilHibbs It is closed. Otherwise there would be a hole in the bottle, and I would not like to ship defective ones.
Bathsheba commented on Ora Earring by Bathsheba
March 27, 2015
Ora Earring
Bathsheba @drpearl I'd vote to hang it on a jump ring.
Bathsheba commented on Large 120-Cell by Bathsheba
March 27, 2015
Large 120-Cell
Bathsheba @BDon I actually did this one from scratch using Perl. I wrote an implementation of George Hart's strut algorithm,


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