In PyeongChang, the best of the best are gathered to turn mountains into racetracks. While your winter sports outlook is probably more… chill, you can still commemorate all its victories. Whether you’re exploring the mountains on snowboard, skis, or snowshoes, there’s an app that can β€” super easily β€” turn your path into a 3D printed, full-color landscape. No 3D modeling experience required.

Nicetrails creates unique personal trophies for mountain explorers, automatically generated from GPS track data. The result is a custom 3D printed terrain map with each user’s unique trail. It allows you to choose from a gallery of world-famous trails like Mount Fuji, Everest Base Camp, the Grand Canyon β€” or upload a .gpx of your own trail. Nicetrails also connects directly to Strava, which makes the whole process practically effortless.


Take a look at some examples, but most important, play around with your own maps! And when it comes to finding an incredibly personalized gift, Nicetrails are perfect for the snowboarder, hiker, trail runner, and every adventurer in your life.

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