Created for manufacturers by manufacturers, OTTO Software has served as the driving force behind the exciting momentum at Shapeways. If this proprietary software system could take Shapeways to the point of 3D printing over 21 million parts, just imagine the limitless capabilities it can offer your business! 

Shapeways examined the current attitudes of manufacturers integrating 3D printing into their production processes. Working with Dimensional Research to gain a better understanding about their experiences, Shapeways found that while manufacturing stakeholders are confident about the future of 3D printing, their answers also pointed to the resounding need for more sophisticated accompanying software. Manufacturers are also finding that their own customers demand higher quality in products and materials, expanded and improved features, and greater customization. To download the full report, click here.

Presenting a Highly-Tuned 3D Printing Ordering System

Over the past decade, the evolution of OTTO has been an intuitive process. Built on continued inspiration from Shapeways customers, growing volume, and more complex requirements, OTTO is a highly developed digital manufacturing platform meant to advance workflow—and ultimately, revenues—for companies seeking to provide quality 3D printed parts to their own customers.

Not only is there zero up-front cost involved, but manufacturers are able to grow their business, retain full ownership of their end customers, and enjoy another stream of income while OTTO completely manages production. This powerful purpose-built software handles everything from expediting shipping to tracking orders, sending invoices, dealing with customer service issues like issuing refunds, and more.  

OTTO is Easy to Integrate and Use  

OTTO is a straightforward system, even for businesses that are just beginning to take on 3D printing prototypes or functional parts. OTTO eliminates the need for enormous capital investments, allowing manufacturers to provide advanced technology and advanced materials that are used in more than 90 percent of applications in over 40 different industries.

As a comprehensive 3D printing ordering software, OTTO bridges that common gap that many other manufacturers are experiencing between production and automation, and is easily integrated into any website, resulting in more sophisticated and streamlined services, faster turnaround with better quality, and an overall improved customer experience. 

Scaled to Your Needs

OTTO oversees everything from a personalized ordering site with company-specific branding. The seamless customer experience includes analyzing and fixing models, nesting, slicing, and printing, but also enhances the bigger picture too. By outsourcing 3D printing services, other manufacturers eliminate the need to buy equipment, materials, and more, and are not hindered by production issues or changes.

Shapeways 3D prints all parts and ships them, tracks deliveries, and offers transparency every step of the way. Parts can be delivered directly to customers if desired too, with white-label packaging.

Learn more about OTTO Software at www.ottosoftware.com

About Us

Shapeways spent over a decade using, improving, and building purpose-built proprietary software to scale, resulting in over 21 million 3D printed parts for over 40 industries. OTTO is now being offered to others to expand 3D printing for manufacturers everywhere.