Anyone who searches for FashionTech instantly finds the work of Anouk Wipprecht, including a wide range of exciting micro-controller projects with bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta, AUDI and SOMFYTetem in Enschede (NL) offers you the chance to see (and experience) Anouk’s work in real life during “Robotic Couture“. The exhibition is open to the public until September 3rd.

Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

Over the years Anouk worked with organizations as Autodesk and Intel and has been traveling all over the world to bring her projects to life. Tetem offers an exclusive platform where the majority of her work is gathered in one place in the Netherlands; Anouk’s home country. Below is a run down of some of Anouk’s projects that are part of this exhibition and which were made in the Shapeways factories.

One of Anouk’s latest Open Source Projects: Light-up Kitty Ears

Light-up Kitty Ears. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

Like the majority of the internet, Anouk is a huge fan of kittens. Through her Instructables page, Anouk published a DIY where she shows how the Kitty Ears are made. She released the whole process as an educational project for kids between 8-12 years old. The 3D printed Strong & Flexible Cat Ears are available in her Shapeways shop.

All the components needed to light up your Kitty Ears. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

AUDI A4 Collection of 3D Printed Dresses

Audi A4 Dresses. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

Four different dresses from Anouk were part of the AUDI A4 launch back in 2015. First is the white Projection Map Dress, based on AUDI’s Virtual Cockpit. A black and a white dress have two shields with embedded Audi sensors (Ultrasonic RangeFinders). The last black dress is based on AUDI’s LED Matrix lights – which emit 60W of high power LED light. These dresses got printed in the Shapeways factory in our White Strong & Flexible plastic and painted + coated in Audi’s official factory.

Agent Unicorn

Photo courtesy of IQ by Intel.

The research into understanding ADHD is in full development. Most of it requires tests that can be scary for kids, so there’s a clear need for a more playful approach. Together with ARS Electronica under an EU Commissioned project (, Anouk developed these so-called Agent Unicorn Horns, which are worn on the head. The Horns use neurosensory (EEG) technology connected to a computer module. This tells a tiny video camera when to record a person’s most memorable moments. How that actually works is explained in-depth by IQ by Intel, or at the exhibition at Tetem of course.

Agent Unicorn Horn. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

Drinkbot Dress Serves You a G&T Cocktail Shot

The big heart is 3D printed in White Strong & Flexible plastic. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

The Drinkbot Dress is another open source project from Anouk. Make your own dress by buying the 3D printed parts in her Shapeways shop, or download the 3D files and print them yourself. The dresses were originally created for Cirque Du Soleil’s restaurant HEART Ibiza. The servers there wear Anouk’s robotic dresses while serving shots of gin and tonic.

The back features a mechanism that mixes the drinks. Photo courtesy of Christina Bakuchava.

About Anouk Wipprecht:

A Dutch FashionTech designer, known for her innovative designs and making technology wearable. She creates futuristic designs that light up, move, or record video without the person wearing it needs to take action. Anouk connects computer modules and sensors to capture the biometric information of a person, resulting in automated reactions. With Robotic Couture, Anouk blends technical innovations, design and art to showcase a statement and makes the visitor part of the design process.