Shapeways Livonia Opening Ribbon Cutting- Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities

The grand opening of our Livonia facility served not only as the celebration of a new manufacturing site but also as a symbol of Shapeways’ unwavering commitment to excellence in the digital manufacturing industry.

On April 23, 2023, Shapeways unveiled a new facility in Livonia, MI, marking an important step in expanding traditional and additive manufacturing solutions. The grand opening event made digital manufacturing news, highlighting Shapeways’ dedication to innovation and excellence, with a focus on industrial applications like aerospace, automotive, and medical. The addition of the Livonia site, along with a molding facility in Charlotte, MI, effectively doubles the company’s manufacturing footprint in the US.

“We are extremely excited to support all our customers and their diverse manufacturing needs,” said Aidan O’Sullivan, General Manager of Enterprise Solutions for Shapeways. 

“Shapeways is dedicated to providing innovative traditional and additive manufacturing solutions for prototypes, parts, and components for a wide range of specialized projects.”

Shapeways’ strategic acquisition of Linear AMS in August of 2022 made it possible to increase capabilities in molding, tooling, and additive manufacturing, as well as expanding facilities, staff, and equipment. 

Expanding Metal 3D Printing

One of the key services that Linear AMS contributes to Shapeways is metal 3D printing. With the ability to create complex part geometries previously impossible with traditional manufacturing, metal 3D printing allows for the production of finished parts that are stronger, lighter, and high-performing. Linear employs technology like Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) to 3D print parts with exceptional mechanical properties and quality. These technologies not only reduce labor and expenses for tooling but also streamline crucial processes like prototyping during product development.

Introducing Conformal Cooling

Linear AMS also specializes in a unique AM solution known as conformal cooling, featuring 3D printed cooling lines for molds and tooling. This technique dramatically reduces cycle times by controlling thermal properties and optimizing parts and manufacturing in terms of quality, performance, and output. Linear engineers conducted a study that confirmed an impressive 69% reduction in cooling times. Further, Linear customers in actual manufacturing environments have seen their output increase to an impressive 140 parts an hour with 3D printed cooling inserts.

The Shapeways Livonia Launch, and Beyond

The grand opening of the Shapeways Livonia facility is just the beginning. As we continue to expand our capabilities and offer innovative solutions, Shapeways looks forward to leading the future of advanced manufacturing. Linear AMS, now a Shapeways company, continues to provide engineering, manufacturing, and consulting services to industries requiring precision and high-performance production of end-use parts. 

Distinguished guests at the grand opening included Leslie Campbell, Chairman of the Board at Shapeways, Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II, and Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan. The grand opening event commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the afternoon, and tours of the expanded manufacturing facility in the evening. Shapeways CEO, Greg Kress, wrapped up the event with a compelling address, emphasizing our mission to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in additive manufacturing.

Special note to all who attended the Grand Opening for the Shapeways Livonia Site : We were overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm! Both the Shapeways and Linear AMS teams extend our heartfelt appreciation for your attendance. For those unable to attend, we look forward to sharing our upgraded facilities and expanded capabilities with you in the near future.

About Shapeways

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