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Amish Inspired 3D Printed Micro Utopia: ‘Cruiser Charisma’

Cruiser Charisma by Jonas Loh is……..

The dream of self-sufficiency and sustainability has become true.
Everyone is now able to produce goods, to communicate with anyone
without being charged or tracked and to fulfill their basic needs
without forgoing modern conveniences.

The project is based on two main opposing inspirations; research trips
to learn about intentional communities like the Amish, who neglect
technological progress, and an extrapolation of current scientific
research which embraces technological alteration of nature. The outcome
of the project is a fantastical caravan, a nomadic module of illusionary
freedom, which explores our belief in technological progress. This
enabler questions our human desires for comfort and prosperity and
illustrates the dream of total autarchy and the possibility of a
different social, political and economical system.

The utopian idea of a different society on a micro scale is
reinterpreted and brought in a contemporary context where existing and
near future technologies as synthetic biology, genetic engineering,
bio-printing and new form of production methods are made public to every
individual rather than being owned, administrated and distributed by
venture capitalists and politicians.

The model was build in Modo and Toxiclibs for the synthetic garden.

3d Fabrication in Alumide. Each part of the caravan can be downloaded at shapeways

Found via Wired, Nice.

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