Since 2014, we’ve been working with Hewlett Packard to test and refine their revolutionary Multi Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer. After months of rigorous trials, we’re proud to announce that, starting today, you can sign up for early access to its unprecedented capabilities.

The HP MJF printer’s nylon plastic material is incredibly strong, smooth and dense. This could lead to lower-cost functional parts and leaner, stronger prints of everything from jewelry to complex miniatures. But we need your help to find its limits.

nylon plastic bracelet 3d printed jewelry HP multi jet fusion printer

Bracelets by Shapeways designer mulderendevries

Thanks to your always-expanding variety of designs, we’ve been able to work with HP to drive the evolution of the MJF printer. We’ve tested a huge array of geometries and print orientations, and we’re excited to invite you to further test the MJF printer and refine how we use it. So, give us your most complex, innovative, mind-bending 3D models. Push your imagination (and this material) to the limit. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The printer itself is an incredible breakthrough, allowing greater precision at faster build speeds, and unmatched 80% post-printing material reusability. It also lays the groundwork for next-generation features like full-color plastic, conductive pathways, improved product quality, next-day delivery, and lower costs. Today, it’s already one of the coolest machines — and strongest nylon materials — that we’ve seen.

HP 3D printed dice multi jet fusion printer

Starry D20 Balanced Gaming Die by Shapeways designer Tiny Tokens

So sign up today for early access to the HP printer’s unprecedented new nylon plastic material, available in fresh-from-the-printer speckled grey or dyed matte black. We’ll soon be making the printer accessible to everyone, but at this point we’ll be sending out invitations to a selection of those who sign up for early access.

We look forward to seeing your designs and hearing your feedback. After all, you are the most important part of this latest leap forward for Shapeways and HP.




Homepage image: Mega Flora Ring by Nervous System, printed by Shapeways

You can find out more about the partnership and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology in this exclusive first look from Make.