This is our sixth post detailing how designer Melissa Ng created the Dreamer Regalia Armor. Read previous posts to learn more about this project , how she uses Blender for base modeling, her sketching techniques,  final modeling videos and a behind the scenes look into the armor being printed at our factory in NYC. 

After the armor was printed, it was time for Melissa to put her finishing touches before sending the final piece to Felicia Day. Because it was printed in our White Strong & Flexible Nylon Plastic, the armor was a great base for the extra detail. Melissa did all of these final details by hand, including painting, varnishing and sanding.


Check out the final video of this series to see how she brings everything together:

It’s been incredible to watch Melissa go through the journey of making this special project. From her initial idea to bringing Felicia Day on board to seeing the final piece, the Dreamer Regalia Armor is a great reminder of the capabilities of 3D design and printing.

We know there are more makers out there with dream projects in mind, and we hope seeing the story of how Melissa brought her dream project to life inspires you to get started on yours!