This is our fourth post detailing how designer Melissa Ng created the Dreamer Regalia Armor. Read previous posts to learn more about this project , how she uses Blender for base modeling and her sketching techniques

Thanks to CoKreeate,  Melissa was eventually able to work off of a scan of Felicia Day so she could feel confident that the measurements would be perfect. CoKreeate is an LA-based 3D scanning and 3D printing company that helps people bring their ideas and imagination to life, and used the Artec Eva scanner and Artec Studio 10 software to create a highly detailed 3D scan.

Using that scan (and still using Blender), she worked in sections to model the full piece.

In her blog on Lumecluster, Melissa dives deeper into why she began 3D modeling and how she taught herself this skill. You can read more about how she learned to 3D model  on her blog, as well as an interview we did with her a while back. This project is the perfect example of how you don’t need an extensive background in 3D design to make something amazing. Practice, persistence and passion can get you far. Through trial and error, Melissa taught herself the skills she needed to create the Dreamer Regalia Armor.

Check out the videos below to see how she works in Blender to create the intricate details of the armor:

Chest Piece Detail

Head Piece


Final Details