Have you ever had an idea you couldn’t stop thinking about? A design that just takes over your brain and makes it hard to even think about anything else? While we know this is a reality that many designers face, it’s hard to deny that those types of big ideas produce amazing work.

Last year we began working with designer Melissa Ng on a high fashion and fantasy-inspired piece that pushed the boundaries of design and really showcases what’s possible with 3D printing. This week we will be sharing posts on:

Melissa documented the process herself on her blog on lumecluster.com, and we highly suggest you read her incredible posts to get more insight into how she felt during the entire process, including how she was able to get actress Felicia Day on board:

“When it comes to someone who has taken her imagination to amazing heights, I can think of no better person than Felicia Day. Day is an actress, author of New York Times Bestseller You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), avid gamer, geek advocate, producer (Knights of Good), and entrepreneur (Geek and Sundry). She has appeared in numerous mainstream films and shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Supernatural” and “Eureka.”

“Day encourages people to “embrace your weird,” which is also a campaign to stop bullying. She fights for diversity in gaming, empowers women to be more proactive, always seeks new challenges, constantly breaks away from the norm, and empowers people to fight for their dreams. Shapeways and I believed Day was the perfect person for the Dreamer Regalia armor.”


Together with Melissa, CoKreeate (the LA-based 3D scanning company) and Day’s amazing team this piece came to life. For a full look at the armor, check out the article on Geek and Sundry. To hear Melissa talk more about the project, check out her feature on Shapeways Live below, and stay tuned for posts this week!

Photos: Eric Anderson/ Hair and makeup: Sabrina Castro