Experience Our New Elasto Plastic at a Local Meetup

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(Picture: Stag by Dotsan)

Did you see our new Elasto Plastic material yet? It’s our first ‘Maker Only’ material, and we’re excited to see how you guys are using it it!

We’d love to give you and your local Shapeways community a chance to experience it in person, so we’re offering every Shapeways community meetup of 10 persons or more a free set of some awesome sample models.

Join a Meetup, or host one!

You can find the upcoming meetups on the Shapeways Community Meetup page. Check the list to see if your area is listed as well, and join! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the event page if you have a question or suggestion. These meetups are usually joint efforts, so feel free to help out.

Is your city not listed yet? Then why not start your own meetup? Just add your town so other people can join you and help you with organizing the event. Also send an email to community@shapeways.com and tell us where you are! We’ll hook you up to other people in your area and give you the low down on hosting a meetup, no experience necessary, just a willingness to meet likeminded people. If you have questions or suggestions about this event, please leave them on the forum.

Receiving the free samples

To qualify for the free sample models, plan an meetup in roughly 4-5 weeks from now, announce it on our Community Meetup page, and make it grow! Once you have gathered a group of 10, get in touch, mail us your address and we’ll order a box with the models for you right away.

The fine print: please understand that we’ll need to print and ship the models to you, so make sure you contact us at least two weeks before your meetup. Only the meetup’s host can apply for the sample box. We can give away 50 of these sample boxes and we’ll do so on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.

Oh, and the models are yours to keep! Enjoy :)

Bart and Natalia
Shapeways Community Team

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  1. Juha-Pekka Haukirauma


    I’m planning to raise couple business ideas in Aalto university start-up to business. And i would love to be with in touch with you.
    Your Elasto Plastic and New 3D-printers could be what i need.

    I have big 3Dprinting plans here in Helsinki.
    Could we somehow get Elasto Plastic sample for Helsinki-Group?

    Opastinsilta 2. 4krs.
    Pia Sinijoki
    00240 Helsinki

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