Emerald Top Ring by Damsel_In_Design; Brass Neck Anchor by seanmcharg; Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba.

Today we are thrilled to announce CustomMaker, a groundbreaking tool for designers to add customization elements to their models, so shoppers can get a personalized 3D printed product.

By blending artistic control for our shop owners with the freedom for shoppers to truly personalize their purchase, Shapeways is laying down the most scalable, most powerful customization platform for 3D printing. CustomMaker is free, easy to use, and requires no additional skills or software as it is powered by our own ShapeJS platform.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.57.37 PM

CustomMaker enables designers to create the customizable experiences that they want. A designer can select an existing model, or upload a new one, and set a specific area of the model to be customized by text and/or image. They will instantly see how a model will look with a real-time viewer directly in the Model page. This ensures that artistic control remains with the designer – they choose which models they want to enable for customization, and how each model will look.


Lucky Heart Pendant by Phits

Once a designer chooses their customization settings, any shopper will be able to personalize the product and get it 3D printed! A shopper can simply select a product they like, such as a piece of jewelry or a smartphone case, type in a name or upload an image, and see in real-time how the product will look.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.26.55 PM

Today, CustomMaker is available to all 30,000 shop owners on Shapeways, making it the first time we are launching a new pilot feature to the public. As the feature is in pilot, we are asking all designers and shoppers to provide feedback via the Shapeways forums. Feedback from our community helps us to improve functionality and evolve our offerings.

To get started, check out this tutorial, our FAQ, and start customizing your models today (and be sure to tweet us at @Shapeways and let us know what models you are enabling). To check out products you can personalize yourself already, click here.