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Sharing Your Photographs of Shapeways 3D Prints on Instagram

Instagram has become a really fun way for us to share behind the photographs behind the scenes at Shapeways.  It gives us an easy way to give you a peek at the people and the factory of 3D printers that make your designs real, along with the events we attend and a little 3D printing inspiration.  Instagram also gives us an opportunity to see your 3D prints in the wild if you tag them with #shapeways or mention us @shapeways but now there is another way to help us to find your 3D prints for real.  

Shapeways 3D Printing on Instagram

Instagram has just rolled out a ‘Photos of You‘ feature that enables you to tag a person in much the same way you can on Facebook, this means you can tag your Shapeways 3D prints on your photographs as another way for us to see the printed parts, especially if it is part of a complex product.  We will in turn try and tag you and your products whenever we share them on our Shapeways Instagram, if you see one of your designs on our photos, be sure to let us know with a comment and we will tag you too.

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