Sound is everywhere, blasting from your computer, cellphone, and car radio. It’s in conversations, whispers, and laughs, populating memories from the first “I love you” to “I have a dream.” At first, sound existed in invisible waves, and more recently, in iconic visualizations. Starting today, you can hold it in your hand.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching The Vibe, an iPhone case you can fully customize with your favorite sound from SoundCloud, the social sound platform. It’s our latest Creator, or web app, that lets anyone turn an idea into a physical reality.

The Vibe is incredibly easy to customize: you connect to SoundCloud,
select your favorite sound, and the waveform will integrate into the
very structure of the iPhone case. The result is a beautiful, unique
protective case, available in top-quality white or black 3D printed
plastic. You can 3D print any sound on your case, from your favorite
song to your child’s first words to the sounds of NYC rush hour traffic.
We’ll be going around SXSW collecting start-up stories
for custom cases, so entrepreneurs will be able to show and tell their
15 second pitches.

Shapeways community members have already experimented with converting
soundwaves into physical objects, such as necklaces that have the
waveform “I love you”