The advancement of 3D printing technology and 3D modeling software have given creators the freedom to push the boundaries of product creation. When imaginations are pushed and limitations are limited we get to see a wealth of creative 3D printed creations. Here are a few extraordinary things that you won’t believe is 3D printed.

1) Scorpion Ring by Coretta

The Mech Scorpion Ring is a free standing mech scorpion holding a gear. The details on this ring are incredible.

2) Nuke Lamp by Veneridesign

Just wow. Mind Blown.

3) Animaris Geneticus Larva Strandbeest by TheoJansen

The smallest Strandbeests ever. This nano-Strandbeest is a showcase for the accuracy possible with the latest in 3D printing technology.

4) Thorn Dice by ceramicwombat

These dice designs take the way we see and play with dice to the next level.

5) 3D Maze by Cinemo

This object is a three-dimensional maze consisting of a complex network of thin tubes held in a rigid frame.

6) Crania Anatomica Filigre by JoshuaHarker

Some of the most amazing detailed skulls you will ever see made possible with 3D printing.

7) Twerking Einstein by ryankittleson

Why not? That is all.

8) Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

Unlike any bottle opener you’ll ever find on the market.

9) 3D printed Bookend by kaublezw

A very cool back weight for your favorite books.

10) Gyroid by treepleks

This beautiful 3D printed mathematical art piece is made possible with 3D math rendering software and 3D printing technology.

We saw many fascinating products on Shapeways in 2013 and it’s exciting to see what new cool things you guys will come up with in 2014!