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The secret of the traditional designs known as Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life lies in their higher dimensional forms that reveal the fundamental symmetries of Space and Time.
Contemplating these forms or having them in your aura attunes you to their 4th and 5th dimensional logic and develops your ability to navigate the ocean of possible realities.

As Einstein said, our technologies have changed 'everything' except human nature. If we continue to behave as we have for thousands of years we will destroy ourselves. The only alternative is to evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually - rapidly enough to keep pace with our new physical capacities.  Sacred Geometry trains the mind to perceive interrelationships and how everything fits into the big picture. I believe one of the reasons it has become increasingly popular is its higher-mind-activating-effects that are helping to accelerate the evolution of humanity.
Physicist Nassim Haramein has found some astonishing results using geometric ratios such as the number os spherical energy units that will fit within a space divided by the number of circular units that will tile the boundary of the space to derive many fundamental constants of space and time.  Many of these forms are inspired by his work and the earlier ground work of Buckminster Fuller.
I believe Sacred Geometry, and higher dimensional geometries in particular, are a key to quickly unlocking our full potential as truly human beings.
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Three dimensional Sacred Geometry mandalas provide a center of geometric order in the environment that resonates with the primal energies of Creation. Sacred Geometry is the study of the fundamental forms of Space and Time to reveal the secrets of the physical and spiritual worlds. specializes in mind activating higher dimensional geometrical forms, and explorations of the symmetries of 3D space. Depending on their size these pieces can be worn as jewelery or used as altar pieces and teaching aids.

If you would like to learn more about geometry and the new physics I highly recommend the Resonance Projects Delegate Program

3D printing has allowed us to produce a wide range of energetically powerful and entrancingly beautiful geometries. Get one today and feel the subtle yet profound effects of their presence - or give them to friends who could do with a little extra harmony and magic in their lives :-)Learn more at


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