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Mulsanne's Corner

May 26, 2020:

Check out my latest:
>>350 scale GUPPY Portsmouth sail, USS Torsk Fleet Snorkel
>>350 GUPPY and Fleet Snorkel sonar accoutrements
>>350 scale GUPPY Portsmouth sail
>>350 scale Ula class diesel submarine
>>350 scale Dry Combat Submersible
>>350 scale Universal Modular Mast
>>350 scale 40' shipping containers
>>192 scale Armstrong 100-Ton, muzzle loading, rifled, coastal artillery piece

The GUPPY Porstmouth sail has actually now been released, so much for back buner.  I've also subsequently tweaked the Electric Boat sail and USS Tunny SSG-282 sail as well.  And focus is now moving back to the USS Tunny AGSS-282 model.  If anyone is a GUPPY/Fleet Snorkel expert I'd love to talk with you (I have questions about periscopes and masts).  

I've started to sell 1/350 scale SSN screws (propellers) on eBay (mulsannemike) for the LA 688 SSN, Ohio SSBN/SSGN, Type 212 SS, and Oscar II SSGNs.  These correct observed defciencines in the shape and execution of currently modeled 1/350 scale screws for those models.  I'm printing these at home, and selling them on eBay, because I can actually print thinner on the home machine (.3 mm unsupported).  And as there isn't high demand, I can keep up with it.

In the mean time I've set up a FaceBook page (Mulsanne's Model Corner) to articulate my latest updates or directions I'm interested in.  This area here isn't the most user friendly, but it's the only space Shapeways provides.

I'm always open to suggestions.  In fact the back and forth with you guys is pretty inspiring.  I can't do everything, and there's the "interest threshold."  If I'm not "into it", it probably won't happen.  But if I am immediately, it probably will.  However, timing is always an issue.  So if you've contacted me and I've been interested, just wait (Guppies and Spit rads...yes, still looking to do those).
What I design is often driven by modeling needs, or simply desires.  Some times there's no ryhme or reason (Armstrong 100 ton gun, SR-71 inlet), though it's pretty obvious what I favor by now.

Check out the related  FaceBook page, Mulsanne's Model Corner


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