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Micro Master

Welcome to Micro Master, specially designed 3d printed parts for ship modelling enthusiasts.

Your One-Stop Shop for accurate
WW1 & WW2 Royal Navy parts.

Check out my Modern and WW2 Armour too!
Highly detailed model upgrade parts available in the most common scales
(1/600, 1/700, 1/500, 1/450, 1/400, 1/350, 1/200, 1/144, 1/96, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35)

Please Note:
these ship parts are NOT lifted from low polygon computer game models like some other Sellers parts. BEWARE Some other Sellers parts are often incorrectly sized on the source model and then passed off as being accurate. When comparing like for like parts check to see if detailed renders are provided and not just the FUD/FXD default Shapeways render, these renders hide a multitude of sins and make the model appear more detailed than it actually is.

Game models are often inaccurately sized and lack the detail found on the real life object!

If you do make a request then please make sure you place the order for your request. Once a request is made please be patient, these parts are carefully crafted and thoroughly researched. Requesting the same part from another Seller may and often does result in an inferior and more expensive part.

Requests will no longer be taken for customers that don't follow through with orders.

Painting tips and preparation
Ever since I was young I've been passionate about 1/600 scale Airfix model ships. Nothing could beat going into the local newsagents and finding a brand new ship to save your pocket money for. The excitment of seeing action packed illustrations on the boxes depicting these glorious ships, the doorway to a thousand stories of bravery, heroism and more often than not tragedy.

Many years later (and unfinished models...), I've rediscovered that passion for those old kits again. With my skills in 3D modelling, design and illustration, I now want to help you find that passion again. The unloved and often mocked 1/600 scale Airfix ships are overdue a makeover, and through the miracle of 3d printing I hope to bring a new lease of life to them. I always found 1/700 too small to do justice to those awesome ships... 1/350 too big for the living room (and the wife...)

Hopefully, I can bring you, the enthusiast the upgrades you deserve. No more waiting for that set of Carley Floats, that set of ships boats, torpedo tubes, turrets etc... so over time I'll start to release more and more upgrades. These parts can be incredibly small and have been modelled and often pushed to the limits for 1/600 scale.

I've have recently started the 1/600 HMS Ajax model and have created all the appropriate upgrades for this kit. Alot of these are common across all Royal Navy WW2 craft. Hopefully over the coming weeks and months I will be releasing further parts.

Hopefully these will help you, like me, rediscover the passion and excitement of 1/600 ships and open a doorway to many more possibilites.

Please follow me on Shapeways to keep up to date on my future releases as there's plenty more to come.

Orders: All Micro Master designs pass Shapeways' design analysis software checks before being offered for sale. Occasionally, after purchase, a product will be determined to have a feature too thin to survive cleaning and Shapeways will cancel your order for that product and refund your money. In the unlikely event of this happening, I'll be informed by Shapeways and can make an adjustment to the design. You will then be able to reorder the adjusted product. Due to the detailed nature of most of my model parts I do try to push to the limits of the printing specifications, where wall thickness and wire thickness are designed to the mininum specs. Often this will mean parts may have to be revised and reordered. In most cases the supporting sprue/wires will need thickening as I try to keep these to a minimum. I thank customers for their patience on First To Try parts. Smaller parts will only be offered in Frosted Extreme Detail due to Shapeways' engineers reluctance to print small objects in Frosted Ultra Detail since the faster turn-around times on this material.

I want to offer you the modeller the best on line resource for Royal Navy and other navies. This is an exciting time for the ship modeller as now with the advent of 3D modelling the skies the limit, with no limits to our imaginations...

Hopefully you'll see something that inspires you and if not then please let me know what you'd like to eventually see on here...

Happy modelling!

Requests: In regards to customer requests I do my best to accomodate most requests, generally though my area of interest is WW2 Royal Navy. In special circumstances I will produce parts outside of this area. If you make a request can you PLEASE follow up the order and make an order, my time is very valuable and I do my best to create these parts to the highest standard. You wouldn't order something in the shops that would take a day out of someone's time and then vanish without paying! :-) users that do this will find further requests will NOT be produced, and names may be passed on amongst the Shapeways modelling community. Sorry!


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