Geometric Drugs

These are the Delightful MindCandies - Perceptual Nutrition. They are results and objects of my burning Passion for Geometry.
I love Geometry and believe that (Geometric) Knowledge is Psychedelic Knowledge (in the original etymological sense of ´psyche-delos´ as ´soul-expanding´).

Geometric Knowledge is kinda Universal so has definitely some general truth in it in any case.

Thus these shapes - to an attentive mind - are Perceptually Addictive and Mind Altering.
These Beauties from the Symmetries of the Deep Dense nDSpaces of MathematicalyGeometric Universe might as well serve to Enlighten..

Specifically, these shapes/geometries are 3-dimensional projections of 4-dimensional polytopes, and are somewhat analogous to shadows that Platonic Solids cast onto 2-D space (like a wall, or floor) when they are lighted from a source far enough to seem locally relatively infinitely afar. (like sunRays). however, here the projection from 4space to 3space is not parallel one...

People Use these as Mind Candies, as Home Decoration, as Hangin Sources of Delight, as Meditation Objects, as Pendants, as Tripping Gadgets, and many more. Especially, in these Merry Times of Christmas coming - they are perfect as as Christmas Ornaments (in Small and Medium Versions).

They are incredibly relaxing and deep enough infinitely to observe and discover their Deep Symmetries. 
Their esthetics of spatialy layered symmetries are at first as nothin you have ever seen, yet studying these symmetries will make you feel as dicovering Very Old Friends, and will make you Perceptive to recognising Beauty as undelying organising priniciple under multiple aspects of Us and Universe - not just of pur and its material level of empiricaly observable aspects of reality - but as ordering the operations of the Experiential Functions of our Minds and percieved Worlds themselves as they are as such.. 

I hope many more beings will Enjoy as much as many already did and are.
Have Fun and Thank You for your atention, 


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