Red Star Forge

The official shop of Red Star Games! All of our proceeds will go directly to supporting our artists and the Doronai Nui, a Tabletop RPG set within the Bionicle Universe. We specialize in masks and weapons that were not officially seen during Bionicle G1!
This shop is dedicated to the development and release of dozens, if not hundreds, of Kanohi that were never seen during G1's BIONICLE, including but not limited to: Vanguard Masks, Nobles, Greats, Nuva's, and Mutations (Hordika). We will be offering all of our products in all forms of Nylon and Acrylic plastic, and a few masks will be available in other select materials. Our goal is to expand everything G1 had to offer for use in a d20 tabletop system, and the masks are going to be a key part of that. We want our diverse system to have a physical representation that can be used by MOCist's around the world, and so this was the most rational option.

To keep our masks fairly priced and accessible to the public, each mask comes a reasonable amount of markup (around 2-3 dollars). This is done to provide a collection of fairly priced masks for our consumers, while also allowing us to pay our artists and generate funds for our project. The only exceptions that are made to this will be in materials that are more difficult to work with, such as printed metals. We will do our best to ensure only the highest quality of masks, and we will take any constructive criticism we receive into consideration!

One note about our products that consumers should be wary of are printing tolerances. Despite our best efforts to use the 4.8 mm x 4.8 mm standard axle width and height, Shapeways has a Printing Tolerance of about .15 mm in either direction. This means that the axle could be larger or smaller than the intended print should be. To counteract this on our products and any other 3D prints, we highly recommend our consumers have files and epoxy on hand. Files can be used on axles that are too thick, and epoxy on ones that are too thin.

Legal Stipulations: Red Star Games is not affiliated with The LEGO Group,  and its products are not official Lego pieces. The models we sell are Constraction Elements  compatible with the Lego Technic system. BIONICLE is the property of The LEGO Group. 

Unless a design is specifically marked otherwise, all of our designs and models are protected under United States Copyright Law. Groups and individuals that do not represent Red Star Games are not allowed to reproduce our designs in 3D form for commercial use, private use, or otherwise. 2D depictions of our products, such as illustrations or animations, are permitted, though these depictions cannot then be used to reproduce our designs by any party without explicit permission from Red Star Games.

Additionally: Our items are choking hazards. They are not intended for use by children of age 3 or younger. Do not attempt to eat any item sold from our shop. They are not edible and can cause serious harm due to the nature of the plastic used.

Lehari and Matanui606: Red Star Games Founders
Petrus and HahliNuva: Shop Managers and Distributors
Perp3tual and Oomatu (honorary member): Conceptual Artists
Petrus, RC, and HahliNuva: Lead Designers
Jakfan, Condraxis, Perp3tual, and Hexcode: Associate Designers
Muircat and HahliNuva: Quality Checkers
Perp3tual, Oomatu (honorary member), MartinCollects, and DaveRaptor: Advertising Artists


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