Ethereal Maze Puzzles

Roll a Ball on Rails in a 3D Maze Cube|Reach the Exit to Solve these Brain Fun Maze Puzzles|New Brainteaser Puzzle for 2012. Ethereal Maze Puzzles are a brand new class of Rolling Ball Puzzle Maze / Brainteaser Game invented in 2011 by Steve Winter. He named this new type of Brainteaser Puzzle Maze “Ethereal Maze Puzzles” for their light and airy structure, and almost intangible pathways. This Brain Puzzle can be enjoyed by Children 8 and over, teen and adults. Maze Puzzle games $4 and up. Ethereal Maze Puzzles are Maze Games that you solve by rolling a ball through an innovative new three dimensional lattice structure which forms the maze paths. The goal is to roll the ball through the maze from the entrance to the exit. Start by pushing the ball into the spring loaded entrance ( it looks like a backwards “J”). Tip the maze in different directions to roll the ball along the paths through the maze. Don’t worry, if you make a wrong turn, the ball will not fall out of the maze. If the ball runs into a dead-end you can just roll the ball back the opposite way and try another path, that’s all part of this fun challenge. When you reach the exit there is a spring loaded button to press to release the ball from the maze. The exit is in a corner of the maze, where you will find a bar with the little button sticking out from the side of the maze. The design elements of Ethereal Maze Puzzles are registered and protected works. Copying any of the design elements is strictly prohibited. The complex internal structure of this new type of Creative Puzzle Maze is only possible through the magic of 3D printing. The material is Laser sintered Nylon, which makes them strong and durable. See for yourself how this new Creative Puzzle takes Maze Brainteaser Puzzles to a whole new level of challenge and fun. With their convoluted lattice structure they can also be enjoyed as captivating and intriguing sculptural works of art. This new type of Brain Puzzle Maze is a must have for any Puzzle Collector!

3D Maze Brain Teaser Puzzles with Rolling Ball. Solve the by Rolling a Ball along a 3D matrix of rails to the Cube Exit. New SOMA Interlocking Cube Puzzle variation. Puzzles $4 and up.

Now more than just Mazes! Worlds Smallest M.C. Escher's "Relativity" Diorama: a Full Color Mash-up with "Crash Test Dummies" . Also new "SOMA's Revenge" interlocking cubes puzzle. And now 3D Maze Earrings.

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3D Rolling ball Maze Puzzle Cubes

Assembly Puzzles

Original Mazes
(Beginner to Advanced Levels)
Skeletal Mazes
in Clear Case (Expert)
Paintable Pattern Mazes
(Advanced )
Maze Multi-Packs
Mix Packs & Twin Packs
New twist on the
SOMA Cube Puzzle

Ethereal Maze Puzzles are mazes that you solve by rolling a ball through an innovative new three dimensional lattice structure which forms the maze paths. The goal is to roll the ball through the Labyrinth Maze from the entrance to the exit. An additional challenge is to navigate the ball from the exit back to the entrance.

Brand new for September 2013 is "Snaking Stairways". This has the longest and most twisted path of any maze so far. The featured maze game puzzles are the original: ?Zig Zag Zog? (easy), ?Floating Labyrinth? (intermediate) and ?Escher?s Playground? (advanced). Start out with one of these, or a pack of all tree. The next two models added in 2012 are ?Twisted Symmetry?, ?Minotaur?s Castle?. I have incorporated symmetrical designs on the faces of these mazes. I have also made these models larger in size and thicker so that it is easier to paint them if you like (photos of painted mazes are found on the product pages for these mazes). Try one or both of these new brain fun mazes after you have mastered the featured puzzles. They are both advanced difficulty, but one of these is a little easier than ?Escher?s Playground? and one is more difficult. In my next maze design many of the rods making up the outer wall has been removed. To keep the ball contained in the maze it is held in a clear plastic case. This exposes the skeletal inner framework of the new "Bare Bones" maze. This also has rods added to impede your path and others removed to lead you astray. All this make for an expert level maze.

I have also been designing some assembly puzzles. The first is a new twist on the classic SOMA cube puzzle. This is called "SOMA's Revenge" and it is an interlocking assembly cube puzzle with sliding pieces. The new and unique challenge for this puzzle is to assemble the pieces into interlocking cube configurations. It also has hundreds of other challenges that involve assembling the pieces into various figures.

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