Dodger's Stuff

I get a lot of people asking for STLs. To save you some time, here's some stuff you should know:

1: I don't even ever make STL files. I use OBJ files. So that's irrelevant anyway. BUT...
2: Even if I did, or if people asked for OBJ files, here's the thing: In a perfect world, everyone would have a UBI and we could just give stuff away. But, as it is, I actually order my own minis. Really, this is just about me getting my own custom minis and you all get to buy them, too, so that the *really* miniscule markup I add to them will, in large enough quantities, eventually add up to covering my own costs in ordering mine.

So, you see, if I just gave you the files, that wouldn't help. Oh, I know, people say "get a patreon" and all. I got a Patreon account in 2015. It's been SIX YEARS and either nobody has donated so much as a single dime or Patreon is scamming and saying they haven't. I don't know which, to be honest, but screw that. Patreon is for cam girls.

As to selling you the files, well, see, that's the same as me selling you one and then giving you an infinite number for free. Again, not helping me pay for my own miniatures.

I hope you understand, but even if you don't, it's that way.
Showing my work:

28mm: Starting with a tall 6-foot person: 6/60.96 = .09843. .09843 feet in millimetres is 30.001 mm. A six foot person at 30 mm makes a common 5'10" person be 29.166 mm tall, which is 1.1666 mm above 28mm, which puts their eyeballs 2.79 scale-inches (as in, the relative scale of an inch to the figure) below the top of their head. That's within a quarter inch of the height difference between my own eyes and the top of my head.

32mm: Every model is simply run through a perl script that multiplies it's scale by 32/28.


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