Armadillo Miniatures

Star Trek ships for Attack Wing and other tabletop games.
(Please also read my comments below)
Sarajevo Type 1/7000 x2 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
SS Conestoga 1/4800 x2 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Centaur Type 1/10000 x3 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Ares Class 1/10000 x3 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Kazon Fighter 1/700 x3 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Defiant Class 1/20000 x4 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Curry Type 1/10000 x2 in Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Talarian Observer 1/2500 in Gray PA12
I'm currently moving, so i can't take any requests at the moment. My computer will be offline, and it will take some time until i have an internet connection again in my new home for a few weeks. I can answer messages through my phone, but i really can't do anything else than that until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Materials: Almost all my models are supposed to be printed in Fine Detail Plastic, but because they are usually meant to be game pieces i also have an eye on stability. This means they often also meet the requirements for Versatile Plastic too and because many ask for this material, i also make the models available in this material. But when printed in Versatile Plastic they lose a lot of details, especially when you order any kind of processed/polished versions which will erase even more details from the surface.

Custom Requests: I can resize any of my ships to almost any size/scale you need. Just tell me what ship you want and the length/scale it should be. For some of my ships I don't have an original length, so if you want a specific scale you also have to tell me how long you think the original ship is in “reality”. Also be sure to tell me if your ships should have the Attack Wing socket or not and how many ships you want of it. If there is a way to make it cheaper by combining, i will let you know.

Asking for prices: Understandably many want to know how much is a version of a model in another size in advance. My answer is i can't tell before i made it and uploaded it. The current price structure is unknown to us designers. There are many factors that define the price of a 3D printed item. One of the most obviously is the volume of an object. Not only the volume of the material that is used to build the item but also the space it occupies in the printer, support material volume etc. Now, many people are surprised how fast prices can go up when enlarging a model only slightly. For that keep in mind that if you double the size of an object the volume increases times eight (2x2x2=8)

Combining for cheaper printing: Smooth(est) Fine Detail Plastic has a minimum price set by Shapeways. Small ships that are theoretically cheaper than this can be combined to a single file, so you only have to pay this lower price. If you plan to order more than one ship from my shop let me know what you plan to order before you put it in to your shopping cart. If there is an option to make it cheaper for you, i'm happy to help. In my shops i list ships with an Attack Wing socket often only as a single, even when thy can be made cheaper when ordering multiples of them. The versions without are often grouped to the most economic amount of 2 or 3 in one file. Let me know if you want to order a different amount, so i can make a set with your number in it.

Sprues: I stopped doing sprues. Spruing theoretically can make some ships even cheaper and is besides hollowing the only way to make Detail Plastic parts a bit cheaper, but only when they are small. The Problem is, the requirements for those sprues can often lead to rejections and printing errors, because the ships that would benefit the most from it are too small to conect it properly to the sprue. They also mean a lot of extra work for me and do not always save money. I had cases where the sprue made an item more expensive because of the added bounding box volumes. Long story short, in my experience they cased more trouble than they are worth and so i don't do them for the most part. There are exceptions tough when it really makes sense, but don't expect me to do them.

Attack Wing: I also can add a socket for the “Star Trek: Attack Wing” tabletop game to any of my models or provide a version without it if you need it. Just PM me about this. The small Attack Wing socket is a D-shaped hole with a diameter of about 2mm and does fit to any of the commercially available bases and pegs for Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Wars: X-Wing and Dungeons&Dragons: Attack Wing. To provide a tight fit, my socket is purposely designed with little to no clearance. TIP: Always clean out the hole from remaining wax (Detail Plastic) or powder (Versatile Plastic) as good as you can. If it still does not fit onto the pin of the peg without having to use too much force, use a sharp blade to “scrape” the pin a bit thinner. Hold the blade as you would cut off the pin at its base and then move it sideways to peel off a small layer of plastic from the pin. Repeat this in a circle around the pin until it fits perfectly.

Contacting me: When you send me a message for a custom request or for combining items, please try to provide me with all the information required. This at least includes the type of ship (eventually also the variant), the amount, the material you want it to be printed in and if it should have a mounting hole or not. Also, please consider choosing an avatar. I get a lot of messages and i'm really not good at remembering names. When you all look like yellow smileys, i sometimes confuse things. I try to reply to each message as soon as i can, but i have a real live, a job and a family too. So, sometimes it may take up to 48h. Please be patient with an old man :-). The most important thing, don't open new conversations for each topic. If possible, always answer to an existing conversation. Like with the avatars, this will make it so much easier for me to instantly recognize who you are and what was spoken before. Having to search through multiple treads to get all the info is time-consuming and it happened that i missed something this way. ...Have i told you that i'm getting old? ;-)

Last but not least, have fun with the ships. I also always appreciate if you post pictures in the comment sections of the listings. Also let me and others know what you found good abut your print and what not.

Make it so.


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