Aotrs Shipyards

From the tireless, Lich-filled shipyards of the Army Of The Red Spear comes a range of starship miniatures, designed for tabletop gaming.
Aotrs Shipyards models are designed primarily for miniature wargames.

Aotrs Shipyards models are also available in reson from the Shipyards Store at Only-Games.

For painting, we have found acrylic spray primer (we recommend Hycote matt from personal use) and then standard acrylic model paints (e.g. Vallejo) produces pefectly good results.

Materials Update 09/02/2015: Due to the change in Shapeway's design policies, I can no longer offer a garentee that anything in Transparent Detail will be printable. As of this date, I can only garentee that models are printable in WSF and the Ultra detail materials, as those are the material for which they are primarily designed.

I will continue to offer TD for any models that already have it as an option, until such time as they are rejected. So please be aware, if you wish to attempt a model printing in Transparent Detail and the option is still open, you can try to do so, but if it fails, it likely won't be fixable. (I will remove the option from older models as and when the issue comes up.)

Materials Update 23/11/2020: Due to the change in Shapeway's design policies, some older models may no longer be printable in White Veratile Plastic when the attempt to print is made. If such an occurance arises, please contact me (either through the Send Message or Facebook button) at the top of the page..

Materials Update 29/03/2023: Due to Shapeways essentially forcing it (it would be more work to remove than than to keep), the Shipyards now offers Grey Fine Detail and Clear Ultra Detail materials. I can offer not guarantee the printiblity of a model in these materials, since I literally did not design for them. As always, I recommend VPN, with any other materials being solely for those people that are REALLY concerned about surface finish over all other concerns.

Materials Update 25/04//2023: Shapewyas announced the increase of 35% to the price of the Smooth and Smoothest detail materials, effective from tomorrow (26/04/2023). This raises the price above the new grey fine and clear ultra fine details, making what I considered an already overpriced material ridiculously priced. I am thus stopping support for these materials. I am not goign through to take them off, but I won't be adding them to any new models. If you happen to find a model which is not available in Grey fine detail ot clear ultra detail and you want it, please let me know and i'll implement it. However, as I have always held, I only recommend VPN for my models anyway, as I do not think any version of Shapeways' detail materials are worth the additional cost. If you want a surface finish that is better than VPN, I would instead recommend going to Aotrs Shipyard's other outlet at Only-Games where resin prints are available for a sensible price.

Ground Forces

Manoeuvre Group models: Armoured fighting vehicles from the 20th century (and onwards). Developed in conjunction with Manoeuvre Group. For ease of use, MG models are divided into four sections:
Modern 1:144 (10 or 12mm) including China, German, Nato, Soviet/Russian and UK
Sci-Fi 1:144 (10 or 12mm) including Aotrs, Cybertank, Herosine Empire, Jalyrkieon Hierarchy and Strayvian Dominion.
1:100 (15mm) 15mm models
Other Miscellaneous models at various scales.


All of the staship models large enough to physically accomodate it have a 3.4mm diameter hole, which is sufficient to fit in a typical plastic flying base/flight stand. Models too small for this have instead a flattened area, suitable for gluing to a stand, if necessary (e.g. particularly in the case of the Stone Portal Fleet). You can also download free files for 3D printing your own flight stands at Wargames Vault here.

Aotrs: Army Of The Red Spear vessels. Vessel from the titular Aotrs fleet.
ASF: Alpha Strike Force. A high tech fleet.
BDSC: BD Starship Corporation. A small starship manufacturer.
GDH: General Designs Hulls. The most prevalent starship manufacturer in the galaxy, GDH starships are available on the open market and are frequently refitted by the end user. They have several series of ships, based on similar hull shapes.
GDAC: General Designs Auxillary Craft. A subsidiary of GDH who manufacture ancillary craft like shuttles and fighters.
Jalyrkieon Hierarchy: A race of carnivorous tetracorns whose techknology takes many extensions from their natural telekinesis.
SP: Stone Portal Fleet. A race of mysterious ancient beings whose vessels derive their power from superspace portals. They are generally slow but tough.
SSA: Saturn Syndicate Ascendancy. A breakaway human faction that evolved from a series of megacorporations. (The SSA is an attempt to capture a more "atomic sci-fi" feel, akin to that in the works of Stewart Cowley's TTA series of books in particular.)
VA: Vivrathk Aggression. A race of highly vicious combatants.
XGA: Extra-Galactic Aliens: Little is known of these aliens, except that they come from a galactic cluster almost the opposite side of the universe.
Xyriat Hegemony: The largest power of the Elenthnar races, a group who varity and factionalism matches humanity's.
Zirakthagum Divinity: A theocracy of Dwarves, primarily worshipping the god Zirakthar, emerging from a decades-long self-isolation.


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