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Tilt Hydrometer CEO Noah Neibaron has no problem with ordering 3D printed prototypes from Shapeways until achieving perfection. During product development for the free-floating tilt hydrometer, Neibaron was able to test for functionality, check density of the materials, and examine all parts of the 3D printed device used to measure fermentation. Ultimately, final parts were 3D printed and then assembled by Tilt, calibrated, and shipped.

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  • The extensive prototyping process.
  • Why the Tilt Hydrometer team relied so much on Shapeways during testing and manufacturing.
  • Measurements in home-brewing, and why a complex device is necessary to test for sugar levels.
  • Why conventional methods such as plastic milling were not realistic for manufacturing the hydrometers.

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Tilt Hydrometer Case Study

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