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Grasshopper 2 Ultra G Front Wishbone Mount 3d printed

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White Natural Versatile Plastic
Grasshopper 2 Ultra G Front Wishbone Mount 3d printed
Grasshopper 2 Ultra G Front Wishbone Mount 3d printed

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Grasshopper 2 Ultra G Front Wishbone Mount

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Product Description
The Grasshopper 2 Ultra G project is a buggy I built which grafts a Thundershot rear gearbox and suspension onto the Grasshopper 2/Super Hornet/Rising Fighter Chassis. 

This part is a variant on the 4 bar suspension conversion I have already got on sale for these chassis which usese DT02/3 front wishbones. For the Ultra G project I wanted to use Thundershot blue wishbones to match the rear end, but these are much shorter than the DT02/3 wishbones, hence the new part. 

Other than the wishbones, the conversion is the same. It uses DT02/3 c-hubs and uprights, but they will need some longer screw pins and some washers/spacers to work with the Thundershot wishbones. It gives the same track width as the other conversion, so you can use the DT02 turnbuckle set 53828 for the top arms and steering arms. If you are doing the full conversion, it's useful to use the rear arms in this set instead of the top arms on the Thundershot rear suspension. Preparation:
Pull the original steering arms, wishbones, uprights and wishbone cover off the buggy. I would suggest drilling out the holes in the conversion piece using a 3.1mm drill to give good movement. Replace the wishbone cover with this item.
Remove the servo, and replace the 2 small ball studs on the servo saver with 2 x 5mm ball end (see parts list below). 

For the conversion you will need:

Suspension and steering:
2 x Tamiya 10005347 Thundershot/Dragon D parts (for the front wishbones)
2 x Plastic servo mounts - any will do
2 x Tamiya 10004252 DT02/3 B Parts (for the front C-hubs) or alternatively, CTE RC Ultra G 5 deg C Hubs available elsewhere on my Shapeways store:

2 x Tamiya 10555059 front uprights 
2 x Long Tamiya Screwpins or 3mm x 48.5mm suspension shafts
6 x Short Tamiya Screwpins or 3mm x 22mm suspension shafts

Upper arms and steering rods:
Either DT02 turnbuckle set 53828 with just 2 out of the 50592 ball connector set plus 4 x 3x12 self tapping screws or:

Tamiya 50592 5mm Ball End (this is 10pc, but you only need 4)
Tamiya 19804206 5mm Ball Nut (4pc, you only need 2)
Tamiya 50875 5mm Ball Connector (8pc you will need them all)
M3 threaded rod
2 x M3 x 16 machine screws
4 x 3x12 self tapping screws

For the Grasshopper2 and Super Hornet you will also need Spring Mount Tamiya 9805082 and some front shock either Tamiya CVA mini shocks (64mm long) or similar length oil filled shocks and mounting hardware.

Install the Wishbones with the 4 holes facing front. Use the long screwpins or 48.5mm shafts to mount to the conversion piece. These will be too long and can be trimmed if you'd like.

Install the C-hubs and uprights using 4 of the short screwpins or the 22mm shafts. You will need to space out the DT02/3 C hubs with a few 1mm washers. Make sure the c hub is as far forward as possible. The CTE RC 5 deg c hubs do not need any spacing out.

Cut the servo saver mounts from the wishbone sprues. You need 2. Screw a 50592 ball end into the end of each of the servo savers. Butt the servo saver up again the chassis in front of the front shock arm rib in line with the top of the chassis. Use the hole in the servo saver as a guide to drill a 2.5mm hole through the tub. Screw the servo saver to the tub using one of the 3x12 self tappers. Drill a second 2.5mm hole through the servo and the tub in front of the first screw and screw in the second screw to secure. You now have you top arm mounting. 

Slide the bottom of the shock into the outermost shock mounting hole on the wishbones and use the final two short screwpins to secure the bottom of the shocks. 

Install the ball screws on the front of the c-hub tops using the machine screws. Now make up the top arms and new steering arms using either the turnbuckles or cutting the threaded rod and installing the ball connectors to the ends. I can't advise on exact lengths as it depends on which connectors you buy. Install the top arms between the tub mounts made from the servo saver and the c-hubs. Install your steering arms to the servo saver and re-install the servo and connect them to the uprights.

Setup the suspension so the front wheels are a degree or 2 of negative camber and a little bit of toe out. 

Re-install the wheels and bodyshell and you have 4-bar front suspension.

You can see my full Grasshopper 2 independent suspension conversion, along with the Thundershot transmission transplant here:

If you would prefer perfect fitting c-hubs, which also add a little castor to improve steering, then check out the Ultra G Left Hand 5Deg Castor C Hub and Ultra G Right Hand 5 Deg Castor C Hub also in the store. These are a direct fit for the Thundershot wishbones and don't require any washers or spacers.

To fit this part I recommend drilling/cleaning out the holes with a 3.1mm drill bit. For the full build thread and development, check out  
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