Developing Your Product at Shapeways

The team here at Shapeways is committed to helping designers create amazing products using 3D printing.
We're excited to introduce two new ways to help you make your product a success:
First To Try and Beta.

What's First To Try?

There's nothing more exciting than taking a design on your screen and holding it in your hands for the first time. It's also a crucial step to ensure that what you had on your screen can actually be made. While we would love to turn any design into a 3D printed product, we've learned over the years that even 3D printing has its limits (we're not immune the laws of physics). To increase transparency and set the right expectations for you and your customers, new products in your shop that haven't been printed with a high degree of confidence get a 'First To Try' badge. Enlist your friends and fans to help you make the idea a reality!

What's Beta?

One of the most critical steps in designing a great product is iteration: tweaking a product to perfection by testing and refining the design. You don't have to be alone in the creative process! With the support of your friends and fans, you can share your product with the world and get the feedback you need by putting your product in Beta. Ask for feedback on how it fits, whether they like the design, or anything else you have questions about. More and more, people want to be a part of the creative process -- let them join you.

See what's new in Beta today

Go to market, fast

Launch your product quickly and get feedback after it's live

Launch your product for less

Friends and fans can help fund your iterations in various materials

Helpful feedback

Tweak your product to perfection with input on printability, fit, and design

How it Works


Design Your Product

  • Design your product in the 3D modelling software of your choice. Access tutorials on how to design for 3D Printing, read up on guidelines for each material, and get support from a global design community.


Upload to Shapeways

  • Upload your 3D model to Shapeways to get instant pricing in 48 materials & finishes. We'll run automated checks to give you feedback on which materials we recommend for printing, and you can use our tools to improve printability.


Be the First To Try

  • 3D print your design in the material you love, or enlist your friends and fans to help you make sure it can be made. Learn from 3D printing engineers what tweaks to make.


Launch in Beta

  • If you're not ready for prime time just yet, ask your customers the questions about which you really need help. They'll have a private comment feed where they can share their feedback, and you can share your progress.

Feature Highlights

Print Success Rate

Print Success Rate

Bringing more transparency to designers about the unique production processes at Shapeways. We now show you how many times we ha™ve successfully made a product in each material, and how many times we attempted to make something but were unsuccessful. Better feedback, better products.

Material Renders

Material Renders

We'™ve improved our renders to accurately reflect the material and finish that your customer can expect. This helps you visualize the product even better before you get it in your hands, and helps your customers imagine what your brand new products will look life once they have been created!

First To Try

First To Try

When your product has First To Try materials enabled, your customers will see a different set of choices on your product page. They will also see digital render of your product.

Beta Products

Beta Products

When you're offering your product in Beta, all your material options will be under the Beta header. You can explain why you'™re in Beta with the customizable message prominently displayed above the Buy Now Button.

Beta Feedback

Beta Feedback

After purchase, you can engage with your customers to get feedback on your Beta product, from fit to color options. You can keep them posted on the development of your product and build a community of supporters to build your products, together.

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