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Super Time Crystal 3d printed

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Polished Gold Steel
Super Time Crystal 3d printed
Super Time Crystal 3d printed

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Super Time Crystal

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3D printed in enrobed in 24k gold and polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.
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Product Description
Combine 8 Time Crystals and you end up with this amazing and powerful shape.   This has all of the properties of the single Time Crystal amplified by a factor of 8 PLUS it powerfully connects you with your higher self and automatically collapses your past, current, and future timelines for your best and highest good.

The Time Crystal assists you to connect to the present moment and all possible past and future timelines. It can open a dimensional time portal (doorway) transporting you to another timeline or a different location on your current timeline. 

The Super Time Crystal is a combination of 8 Time Crystals. 

The Super Time Crystal vibrates to the Master Number 888 making it more powerful than any previous forms representing a Quantum Leap forward into your Self Transformation and Ascension.  This geometric form is 2.35 x 2.24 x 2 inches and is available in multiple materials.

Benefits of the Time Crystal:

1. Time Travel: All the angles are interconnected in a way that creates a Unifying Grid, speaking to Community and Interconnection. It offers you multiple options in time, space and information at every interconnected nodal point (doorway) in this structure to connect to ALL timelines simultaneously.

2. Shape Shifting: While three dimensional in structure, it allows you to explore your multidimensional nature, that of your Higher self, using multiple forms of being ie a dolphin or whale in the sea to experience other lives and other forms of life.

3. Manifestation: The overall structure of the Time crystal acts as a magnifier for your intentions Expanding your Consciousness, to see Manifestation as not only a possibility but as a reality using the power of your own Mind.

4. Multidimensionality: The nodes of the Time Crystal act like portals that compress time and space from the third dimension, as if through the eye of the needle, to expand and pop out into your fuller multidimensional Self in the Quantum Field of the enlarging Multiverse. This further adds to your abilty to shape shift and time travel due to the mutability of time and space.

5. Antennas: The Time Crystal is facilitating the flow of Light and information in both directions. This means that it can also funnel Light down into your three-dimensional body, increasing your Light holding capacity and the rate of transformation of your carbon DNA into crystalline DNA. The capstones of the DNA, are telomeres. They are very important antennas for our two-way communication. The stronger these telomeres can signal and receive, the more vibrant and brilliant you can reclaim yourself to be in the never-ending flow of birth and re-birth. 

6. Amplifiers: Your three-dimensional body was made to operate at the speed of Light but has been intentionally degraded and harmed. The time crystal reclaims your body, overcoming the metallic nanoparticles that are interfering with your body’s elegant biological harmony and integrity. The metallic nanoparticles have infested our bodies from chem trails, polluted waters, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified and chemicalized foods. By overcoming the metallic nanoparticles, the Time Crystal also protects and restores your neurological system.

While previous Sacred Geometric forms have accelerated manifestation exponentially for conscious expansion, the Time Crystal is actually a Quantum Amplifier that through its nodes (portals) actually allows you to alter time and space to change any past, present or future outcomes by focusing your mind.

Imagine changing your belief systems to allow total Abundance, Health, Peace, Joy and Love into your life that radiates to Every Living Being.   

All Super Time Crystals come with a 9th dimensional being called a Messianic Time Keeper.

Also available: Super Time Crystal Pendant
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