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Steve Vs Thevanguard 3d printed

Not a Photo

Steve Vs Thevanguard  3d printed
Steve Vs Thevanguard  3d printed

Not a Photo

Steve Vs Thevanguard

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Product Description



TheVanguard is an evil overlord and self-proclaimed god. He was one of the many side effects of the universes’ creation. He was created as, and still is, a gaseous entity. He surrounds himself in a “vanguard”-like metal because he cannot survive in the outside world without it. He would wither away. This armor can withstand four times the amount of force and pressure titanium can handle. The only known element that can cause damage to this metal is diamond. TheVanguard calls this refined metal Vanguardium, naming it after himself. A quite good defense is not all he has. He also has the ability to shape-shift into whatever he desires, to a limited extent. He does this by manipulating his malleable armor. The reason he is fighting in that form, in the model, is because the first living thing he ever saw was Steve. He did his best to transform into Steve. When he came to Steve, Steve was frightened and mistook TheVanguard for a monster and attacked this baby vanguard. From then on, he hated Steve and learned hate, greed, and over all, evil and liked it. He also has the power to manipulate water. He can only turn water into ice, but once he does that, he can use the ice as his own personal bullets or cannon balls through his armor. He can also create his own “Iceguards” from creating an ice body of his base form and placing some of his unlimited gaseousness inside it, thus enchanting an ice-like structure into loyal subjects of TheVanguard. His most powerful and important ability is his core. This core is made of pure chaos and has unlimited power. It can create energy beams that could vaporize any living being and destroy a planet in minutes. He can also shoot these beams out of any specific place of his armor by reflecting the beam with his metal to anywhere he wants. He is also pretty much immortal, and if something was to somehow destroy his core, it would regenerate itself. The reason for the core’s regeneration is that, long ago TheVanguard took a small piece of his core and placed it onto his sword. The core than takes the energy from the sword when it is destroyed, which then de-energizes the sword and re-energizes TheVanguard’s core. Then TheVanguard’s core (which is unlimited) refills the swords energy, thus gets ready for another cycle. This happens in a matter of seconds. But his most devastating move of all is combining his gas with the energy beam to convey an even larger and more powerful energy beam. He also has his own personal army of vanguards ranked in a feudal-like way. The lowest tier is a vanguard. Vanguards are equipped with an iron sword and have a paper-thin sheet of vanguardium as armor. Vanguards are also treated with little to no respect, but if said vanguard ranked up to a higher tier, the amount of respect the vanguard would receive would be greater. After moving up a tier the vanguard could either be a vanguard swordsman or a vanguard archer. The vanguard swordsmen have been awarded with a quarter-inch thick sheet of vanguardium and a diamond sword. The diamond sword is the only indication that you are at that tier. The vanguard archer’s armor is actually reduced to half its original width and size. This happens so they could be very quick on the ground. They are two times faster than a vanguard. They also gain a complementary vanguarium bow and dagger. If you were to become a vanguard archer you cannot become a higher tier. If a vanguard swordsman ranked up he would become a vanguard knight. Vanguard knights could either be found with a gigantic vanguard sword or, more likely, a spiked ball’n’chain. You cannot find a vanguard alone, he travels in a small legion of six vanguard swordsmen who carry the vanguard knight throughout Minecraft in search of the good-souled Steve. A vanguard knight has two times the amount of vanguarium than a vanguard swordman. A vanguard knight also is two times the size of a vanguard. The most important thing that a vanguard knight would gain is a yellow core with very limited use. One tier higher is a vanguard lord. Their armor is two times as thick as a vanguard knight’s. Their cores are green and can hold much more energy than a yellow core. They can also use different kinds of magic (ex: fire, lightning, ice) but is quite weak compared to the next tier. Vanguard lords command large armies that includes all of the previously mentioned. They also get their own spacecraft. The next tier after that is a vanguard general. There are only two of them. Their armor is twice as thick as a vanguard lord. They are also masters of magic and can use various types of magic at once. Their cores are red and can hold an unbelievable amount of power. Their signature weapon is a vanguard sword with a piece of their core in it. They command TheVanguard’s army and tell the lords how to control it. They also harness a massive fleet of space ships. Finally, the last tier is TheVanguard, in which is indestructible and has an army who would lose their lives for him.




Steve is a human. A being that eats, sleeps, and eventually dies. But this human is more than meets the eye. He is a master builder, combatant, alchemist, and craftsman. He can create a wooden house or a complex tenement with just the creative mind that he has. He could defeat creatures much larger and threatening than him with his sword and bow. He could create potions that can enhance his physical traits and can create potions that can damage others. He can use plain resources such as wood and create a whole crafting bench out of it. He is also an expert at the art of strategy in which he used to kill the wicked Ender Dragon a beast that could easily kill him. He can also detect his enemy’s weakness quite fast. This Steve isn’t just a Renaissance man for he also has some supernatural abilities blessed by the universe. He has enough strength to hold 2,304 blocks of stone. He can punch and destroy a tree with his bare hands. He is also able to run a bit faster than a regular human, but can run out of stamina faster than a human. Steve can also use his powerful legs to jump a meter high. Steve is also quite durable in many aspects. He can take many sword slashes, survive a dip in lava if he gets out quickly, and can even take an arrow to the head like it’s nothing. He is a master swordsman. He could give his enemy’s more damage with a sword than his hands (which could kill a monster easily) and can even deflect arrows with his sword. Steve can also regenerate from any minor damage slowly if well fed. One of Steve’s favorite things to do is to go on adventures. Many of these adventures include dungeons which, of course, hold valuable items. Some of the items he has are a rod that could cast fire, a boomerang enchanted with the power of winds, and spectacles that allow you to see through walls. Steve likes to collect things, but is unable to organize them properly. Another negative of him having too many items is that if he finds a strong enemy and did not have his weapon of choice in his HUD bar, he would have to search his cramped inventory for it, whilst looking for said item the enemy could have killed him. The most important thing that makes him strong enough to face any evil foe if that he has a soul of good, and good is always strong enough to face any evil!


The book:


The book is an endless amount of pages held together by the essence of humanity in the embodiment of leather. It contains an unimaginable thing that should not be reckoned with. It contains the knowledge on how to be most powerful god. It tells you the true truth about existence and how to exist on a higher plain. With the knowledge in this here book you can match your powers up with even the universe itself. If this book was on Earth everyone would kill everybody else with cold uncaring blood just to see what is inside. If anything, even good, were to peek inside this book they would become evil. Whoever seizes the book and takes a look would become the universes greatest and strongest enemy, the embodiment of chaos.


The Battle:


When TheVanguard walked down the cold stone staircase, the sound of the metal hitting the pavement was almost impossible to bear. Each step closer to Steve seemed to grow louder and louder. These sounds were maddening to Steve. He had heard through rumors of how powerful TheVanguard and his vast army is. “How can I defeat such a foe” Steve said with dread. Steve had heard about TheVanguards’s searches throughout Minecraft for the book and thought how he would become unstoppable if he had read the forbidden pages. So now he waits for the evil beast to come and fight. TheVanguard’s legs are now able to be seen through the cave entrance, then his torso and what Steve would think his foul evil core, then finally TheVanguard was on the same floor as the shaken Steve. “Stay back you hideous beast!” Steve said with repulsion. TheVanguard took a couple of echoing steps forward, examining the cave-like structure, took a look at the book, and then looked at Steve, who was in front of the book. “What right do you have, calling me hideous?” TheVanguard’s helmet scrunched as he said hideous. “While you and your other humans are the things that disgust me! You are so disgusting that I should let you live, so you could see the destruction of every village and so you could witness every detailed execution of every player, so step aside weakling”. TheVanguard walked casually to the book. Steve swiftly pulled his boomerang of winds out and threw it at TheVanguard with all of his might. This forced TheVanguard back through the air and was then met with a sedimentary rock face. Once he slammed into the hard cave wall the cavern ceiling fell onto him. TheVanguard was covered with rock and diamonds. Then Steve quickly took out his fire rod and aimed fire upon the rocks which caused a breach it TheVanguard’s armor. After a couple of seconds the rocks melted around TheVanguard. Steve then stopped his siege of fire to cool off the melted rocks, which they did. Steve was then in a fighting stance staring straight at the melted rock knowing that was too easy. The rocks started to steam again without the guidance of the fire rod. Once the rocks were in its liquid state, it exploded and big glops of magma flew everywhere. Steve held up his diamond shield to stop any blobs of magma from flying into his face. When he brought down his shield he saw TheVanguard laying on his side in a fetal position. TheVanguard then got up in rage. He was so angry that his own armor was melting and reforming. “You have made the biggest mistake in your pathetic life”. Then tiny spike-like sprouts of vanguardium formed on his left arm and were then shot at Steve. TheVanguard didn’t want to lose any of his precious metal, so he connected the blade-like spikes to his body by using thin lines of metal. Steve picked up his shield and blocked one of the spikes and then sliced it. The spike that was now detached from its link fell to the floor. A low moan came from TheVanguard. Before Steve had a chance to see TheVanguard three more enchanted spikes rushed through the air quickly in attempt to burrow into Steve’s forehead. Steve then shield bumped one of them and swung his holy sword in a spin like fashion and sliced the heads off of two. Steam started to spew out of the last one as if it were angry. Then a small blue light started to emanate from the spike, which was one foot away from his face. Steve forward stabbed the front of the spike. It fell to the floor and seconds later small light blue beam shot from it. When he took a look back at TheVanguard, he was in the process of reaching for the book not realizing his armor was damaged. Steve lunged at TheVanguard and jumped on him. Once they both fell to the floor Steve started stabbing TheVanguard’s helmet. TheVanguard pushed his gas into Steve’s face, and it surrounded Steve with a foul smell. Before TheVanguard had a chance to truly suffocate Steve, Steve pounced off of TheVanguard. When TheVanguard got back up he reformed his helmet, he then noticed how he was five feet away from the book and how Steve was still blocking it. “Can you just die already, I am getting quite annoyed,” TheVanguard said with distaste. “Only when you die a withered death, and only when you finally fall into the bowls of hell.” Steve said with hate. TheVanguard screamed with rage and formed a hole in his hand. Shards of ice spewed out of it in a clumsy manner. Steve blocked some the ice shards with his shield. He then shield bumped one into the air and kicked it into TheVanguard’s armor like a soccer ball. TheVanguard was now so angry that small glops of melted armor dripped off of him. He then sprinted toward Steve. Steve took out his enchanted boomerang from his pack and flung it at TheVanguard. TheVanguard stopped in his tracks and reinforced him-self into the ground to withstand the mighty winds of the boomerang. Steve kept throwing his boomerang at TheVanguard, but then realized that it was no longer doing anything to him. He then threw the boomerang at the cave ceiling. And once again more rocks fell upon TheVanguard. Steve then pulled out his fire rod once again and melted the rocks. TheVanguard could not move. Steve then fired his boomerang at the ceiling over TheVanguard once again in hopes to make more rocks fall onto TheVanguard. Unknown to both of them a giant diamond had formed at the specific place where TheVanguard is now stuck. After Steve boomeranged the ceiling the giant diamond fell upon TheVanguard and his armor was melting away. “You fool, you have ruined my great dynasty.” He said as he melted to the floor. “I will be back to get my revenge on you Steve!” Before he could say anything else he melted into the melted rock and was then smothered by the giant diamond. Steve looked back to the book and smiled with relief and said “There is no way he could escape this molten grave.” He then whispered to him-self “I hope.”

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