xmas ornaments for family

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by steeveesas, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. steeveesas
    steeveesas New Member
    I did these 5 ornaments for my family -
    Snowman - mom
    Teddy bear - sisten Jen
    Elf - brother-in-law Graeme
    Penguin - niece Evie
    Abominable Snowmonster - me steve
  2. steeveesas
    steeveesas New Member
    These were done in WSF and I painted them.

    Here they are all together:
  3. ElisaRichardson
    ElisaRichardson New Member
    These are great! Any chance you can add them to your Shapeway's product page? We love them!

  4. steeveesas
    steeveesas New Member
    Thank you ...

    Actually these were hand painted so making them available would only get you a monochrome version, I wanted to paint them rather than UV map colors and textures onto them. Also I doubt I will make additional color ones anyhow for sale as I want to keep these personal for my family at the moment.

  5. ElisaRichardson
    ElisaRichardson New Member

    I totally understand! Even if they aren't for sale you can still share them in your product page but that's always up to you!

  6. steeveesas
    steeveesas New Member
    I misunderstood you at first ... I made the models public with the pictures - I hope this is what you mean by adding to my products page. Been away from Shapeways for a long while so not familiar with all the new features.

    Tx again for the praise.