WSF - Nylon - stress relief

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    I was discussing 3D printing with a friend today in relation to a project that I am working on.

    Her comment was that nylon when molded via traditional processes ends up with a fair amount of internal stresses in the finished part. These are typically relieved via some form of heat treatment (eg. boil in water and let cool slowly) post production.

    Examples of applications where this was important was propellors and impellors that had a tendency to fly appart if not appropriate processed to relieve the internal stresses.

    I know a lot depends on the precise material, and exactly how the material is processed, when it comes to issues like this.

    So my questions are:

    1) is any requirement for stress relief with the WSF material as processed by the SLS process?

    2) if so, is it done by Shapeways?

    3) if not, then what is the recommended procedure?

    Many thanks,