Wooden toilet and train car in TT scale

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Kaczor, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Kaczor
    Kaczor Active Member
    Today I received a package with my first models :) I am impressed by the speed of production and delivery (total 1 week) .

    Small wooden toilet looks awesome - detailed and smooth:
    It has a height of 15mm.

    But my narrow gauge train car turn out not so good - walls have no detail and are rugged, "frosted". Is this how it should look like?
  2. coaster
    coaster Well-Known Member
    Like the dunny :D
    Is it two models or does the door open?
  3. Kaczor
    Kaczor Active Member
    Actually it's 3 part model (for easier painting):
  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    The frosting is caused by the support material. It appears the model was printed from the base to the top, and support material had to go all the way up the side of the walls to support the roof.
  5. GWMT
    GWMT New Member
    Hi Kaczor;

    Were the sides of the narrow gauge car behind the cross-bracing supposed to be smooth without horizontal lines?

    Would you post an image of the computer model for comparison with the print?
  6. Kaczor
    Kaczor Active Member
    This car is made of wooden boards so there are many verical lines, but on model is just too many...
  7. GWMT
    GWMT New Member
    Thanks, Kaczor for posting that. Do you think the surface is too rough to be fixed with some light sanding? I was planning to do this car in Frosted Detail as one piece:
    THB 2600 HO 52-6 NSC gon body assm.jpg
    Now I think I'm going to try it as a flat kit with separate sides and ends so no support material gets printed on the outside surfaces. Your model might turn out better that way.

    Hopefully shipping will attach the flat parts to a sheet of cardboard so this doesn't happen again:

    http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=7484&a mp;start=0&

  8. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member

    We avoid multiple parts per file whenever we can, and Shapeways don't make "one pice per file" an official rule.

    We have no control about the print direction.
    If it's better for the printers capacity utilisation, the separate sides might (still) get printed edgewise.

    Other question...
    Do you really need FUDs detail level ?
    I have this item on the table for painting.
    The groovings for the rolling shutter gates are 0,3mm wide and 0,3mm deep.
    The door casings are 0,5mm wide and 0,5mm tall.
    ... and those specs are perfect for a print in "White, Strong and Flexible, polished".
  9. Roy_Stevens
    Roy_Stevens New Member
    WSF is unsuitable for model trains smaller than 1:48, UD and FUD is the only way to go. The 'frosting' on the side of the car is normal. This can usually be helped by uploading the file with the bottom of the car in the X-Z plane (lying on its side). It will usually be re-oriented in the vertical direction, but at least the sides will be in the X-Z, rather than the dreaded Y-Z plane. I've had warping problems, and really the only way to prevent that is to make boxes and/or framework. Shapeways doesn't seem interested in handling our small models with the care they need.
  10. GWMT
    GWMT New Member
    I always join the parts together with sprues so nothing will get lost.

    You do have more control over orientation with FD and FUD than WSF if you make sure your preferred print orientation uses less support material than the other possible orientations; the operator should choose that orientation for printing because it uses the least amount of (support) material and machine time to print the part.

    I need the finer resolution; WSF cannot print 0.3mm rivets or holes on the 'side' orientations of the print plus you get a 0.3mm deep indentation where the outside edge of the print should be on the 'bottom' orientation of a WSF print. WSF's surface is too grainy to represent steel surfaces in HO scale - it'd take days to sand around all those rivets (if they printed) without destroying them.

  11. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Great models Kaczor!

    @pfeiffer stylez - If Shapeways pays for FUD the same way as other services charge, then making the sides of a carriage seperate and flat in the sam plane will more or less guarantee the outside (or inside) will be uppermost on the print tray - the reason, other services charge per vertical mm for the area of the tray. Also WSF will get nowhere near the same level of detail as FD or FUD.
  12. Kaczor
    Kaczor Active Member
    Now I have lesson to NOT use isopropyl alcohol and ultrasonic bath on FUD. Material became soft and eventually crack and "exploded". I could use it only as a painting trainer. :confused wag.jpg
  13. coaster
    coaster Well-Known Member
    OOOOH........POO! :eek: Guess we wont be using that idea then :cry: