Will Missing Parts In The Preview Print?

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  1. Katanius731
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    Hi all!

    Am new here and I'm making my first attempts at making 3d printed parts for a model kit but I have encountered a problem. I upload the .stl file and some "spots" on the model (the teeth of a scull ornament in this case) seem to be missing in the preview although the file passes all tests for the intended material... So does anyone know if this will also be problem while printing or if its just a bug in the preview? Preview.jpg
  2. mkroeker
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    If it is just the little black spots that look like holes (but cannot be, as the mesh would be rejected if it had holes), it should be just a bug in the preview. Shapeways' site software does try to repair the uploaded data if it detects any errors in them
    (such as holes, small non-attached parts, misoriented or overlapping facets) so it can happen that parts go missing (in which case you should check and repair your model with meshmixer or netfabb studio basic and re-upload), but that bit
    of caries here is likely at or below the physical resolution of the printer anyway.
  3. Katanius731
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    Thank you for your swift reply! So if its bellow the physical resolution of the printer, the printer will ignore it and print anyway or should I somehow fix those areas? I checked and there are no holes, non-attached parts etc, the mesh is just pretty dense in these areas.
  4. mkroeker
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    Most likely just a bug in the lighting calculation of the preview image.