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    Welcome to our forum for the Shapeways API. Our API is going to expand in functionality as we grow, because we want to encourage data mashups and integration with other applications, whether they are mobile, desktop or web.

    As of now (March 2011), our Upload API is functional, allowing you to write apps to upload your models to Shapeways. Much more is planned to come!

    We've got formal documentation and code samples at www.shapeways.com/api, the central place to go when you're ready to begin. Then come back here if you have any questions.

    Have fun!

  2. Can you recommend an app developer who is familiar w/ creating a user interface that will allow consumers to design toy accessories that can be converted to files that are compatible w/ your API?
    Would you recommend http://www.digitalforming.com , and/or others?
    Brian Finn
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    Good Ben!