Warhammer 40k Knight

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    Hello Modelers,

    I am currently looking for someone to help me make a model of a right and left arm (or reversible) Avenger Gatling Cannon armature for a Warhammer 40k Knight. I currently have one, however for my purposes I need 4 additional ones. Ideally, the model would include the shield and arm in the model in addition to the weapon. Message me if you are interested and if you would like to know the size. Below is a reference to what I am talking about.


    Knight Avenger Gatling Gun.JPG
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    pm sent
  3. j_bland1984
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    I am looking for this exact thing. Thanks
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    Hello, I was wondering if your still looking for a designer I would love to help you design this objeccontact me at www.jdfantasy.com