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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by debdeb, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. debdeb
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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has examples of what unpolished detail looks like in silver and precious plated metals. I received this ring today, that I designed for myself. I LOVE it!! The unpolished texture in the debossed area was a bit unexpected. It doesn't appear to be print lines from the wax, but I'm not sure. It's more of a pebbling. Do you know what causes this? I've included a photo. Any suggestions on how to achieve a smoother surface in the debossed area?

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  2. Shea_Design
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    That is pretty typical for raw or polished areas. You could probably find a better wax print but I imagine the texture comes from thermal processes, extremes of heat and cooling. I'm currently lap polishing 20 pcs by hand, 45 - 75 minutes each for a small pendant. Also bought a rotary tool and some bits and buffs etc today. Looks nice! -S
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  3. debdeb
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    Thanks! Since it’s plated, I’d probably end up polishing off the plating. I think I’ll try that with silver.
  4. Shea_Design
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    I think we learn to like it, use the different surface as a design consideration. Polishing would be a drag, never quite getting into the corners, but then I have a bias against over-polished designs I have purchased here and elsewhere. In silver I would polish and then antique with liver of sulfur, re-polish with a cloth and just kiss this high points in the textured areas. BTW - I highly suggest looking at T.S. Wittelsbach's podcast on twitch or ZBrush live, he is an awesome artist sharing some great design tips. -S
  5. debdeb
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    I hear you on the overpolishing! I will definitely check it out. Thanks! I’d also love to explore enameling it. After falling in love with Rhino and 3d printing, I decided to go back to school to study jewelry design. I’m slowly integrating some traditional technique and finishing with digital fabrication.
  6. Malwen
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    @debdeb Thanks for posting the photo of your ring. I haven't ordered any cast metal pieces yet so I was interested to see what the unpolished surface looks like. Personally I think the contrasting textures add to the design, I don't think I'd be wanting to polish it out if it was mine.

    Have you been given a book list on your jewellery design course? I'm interested in jewellery design too so I'd be really interested to know what books your tutors recommend.
  7. debdeb
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    Hi @Malwen Most of the course work is practical and hands on, but we do have a few texts:

    Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann
    The Theory & practice of Goldsmithing (very much a textbook—readings so far are very scientific. No pretty pictures)
    The Art of Jewelry Design by Maurice Galli, Dominique Rivière and Fanfan Li—basically how to illustrate jewelry traditionally in paint (without any digital 3d modeling)
  8. Malwen
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    Thank you @debdeb. The Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing looks interesting, I might keep an eye out for a reasonably priced copy.
  9. EvieL
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    Hi @debdeb, I agree with @Malwen, I think that texture adds to the design. It's a very interesting look. I've always love that raw look on metals.
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