Unbelieveably Bad Print Quality In Fxd...

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by HOn2Jeff, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. HOn2Jeff
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    Round two in trying to get acceptable prints in FXD out of your Long Island NY print house...

    Original print, which had some self inflicted errors. Top print

    [​IMG]IMG_5752 by jeffB, on Flickr

    Note finish/quality.

    Second printing (1st of the terrible prints), a pair of these.

    [​IMG]IMG_5751 by jeffB, on Flickr

    Note the atrocious finish/print quality. To your credit, you credited my account for this travesty of "quality control".

    Third printing (2nd try from the last time), one of two of the order (top print in photo)

    [​IMG]IMG_5750 by jeffB, on Flickr

    This print is marginally better, and I mean "marginally".

    Looking at the first print (very top), it's clear that this model <can> be printed with decent quality. What the heck is going on??!! Seriously Shapeways, what are you clowns doing, or not doing at the NY print facility??!

    Calibrate, service or replace your darn printers for crying out loud. This is beyond ridiculous. I wanted these prints for a customer project that was due back in JUNE. Now I'm nearing four months late, and I'm basically doing the project for FREE (about $600 worth of billable work down the tube).

    Not a happy bunny...

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  2. stonysmith
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  3. HOn2Jeff
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    Stoneysmith... It's now Sept 3rd. I posted a complaint to the address you listed in your reply about a week after you replied.

    So three weeks in, no reply from Shapeways.

    Just placed the third re-order for these parts a few minutes ago and there was no credit to my account for the bad parts.

    What kind of organization is Shapeways becoming??!!

    How many times do people have to complain before something changes??

    Absolute piss poor customer service on their part, don't you think?

    I'm not alone either... Been hearing from several other modelers with similar complaints.

    Due to the lack of support from Shapeways, I'm going to make a very compelling video on the shit show that Shapeways has become and post it to YouTube some time this week.

    I'll post a link to this Forum and the 12 other modeling forums I'm a member of. Customers and potential customers have a right to know how bad Shapeways US is now days.
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  4. platonicgems
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    You should send them another email and explain the situation. As an exception in your case you could probably request a photo of your re-printed product and If you are happy ask them to post it to you :) By doing so you'll help them to investigate the issue and probably save other poor souls that have similar problems.
  5. HOn2Jeff
    HOn2Jeff Member
    Thanks for trying to be helpful... Sent plenty of photos with the last message, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to send a second message, or resend the last one.
  6. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    I see Christel replied your email 11 hours after your initial email.
    Please have a look at your spam filter /advertisement filter, maybe it ended up there?
  7. HOn2Jeff
    HOn2Jeff Member
    Nothing anywhere... I also have E-mail forwarding to several devices and never saw a thing on any of those either. Maybe you could have him resend it with the date stamp intact.

    In any of the Forum posts or the E-mails I've sent, there hasn't been a single reply dealing with the actual problem and why the same parts keep coming out so bad. I'd really like some sort of explanation, even if it is something I'm doing wrong on my end. I don't take issue with choosing the wrong orientation, if that's the cause, but it would be great if your customer service would explain this.

    The fact that I placed another order yesterday and didn't see any kind of credit is also upsetting.

    I am not the only person having such problems either...
  8. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi @HOn2Jeff

    Were you able to get in touch with someone on our team?
  9. HOn2Jeff
    HOn2Jeff Member
    No James... No contact and I just received the FOURTH reorder of these parts, which I again had to pay for. They are marginally better than the last printing, but not by much. If you look back at the photos, I did post a photo of the original print, which was plenty acceptable but had some self induced dimensional errors. I made corrections, but the last three re-prints were terrible...

    Completely discouraged at this point... It is taking every shred of self restraint not to post an "F"-bomb, profanity laced posting in this thread...

    If you can't answer basic customer questions as to why one print was reasonably acceptable, but all subsequent reprints have been bad to awful, you shouldn't be in business and certainly shouldn't consider yourself "customer service".

  10. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    @HOn2Jeff Hi Jeff

    I researched your email history and I see several replies/responses to your emails, so something is going on with your email settings that's blocking or filtering out our replies.

    Let me reach out to you from a direct email and you can reply to that to confirm that you received it.
  11. HOn2Jeff
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    I wanted to update this topic so that Forum members could see that Shapeways cares about customer service...

    Over the last few weeks, I've been working with James ("jimmyadvice" above) and Shapeways to sort out the issues I was having.

    James was very helpful, professional and on top of the whole process. The latest private E-mail from James explained the issues I was having (after some gross misinterpretation on my part, which he respectfully pointed out) and a probable solution to the problem (print orientation was different as well as the worst of the four batches of prints came from an overseas print house).

    I'd like to publicly thank James and Shapeways (especially James though) for helping me figure out the issues I was having. Going to place an order for two prints in the orientation that was suggested (sometime this coming week) and hope that they are processed by the print house in NY...

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  12. srnjm420
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    I am curious on the print issues because i received an order last week for my new test prints and they printed very close to how yours did in the pics. I have not reach out to Shapeways yet since I was not sure if it worth doing so...

  13. HOn2Jeff
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    Hi Brian... Definitely reach out, but be patient as it might take a little time for a response (but don't give up).

    As a customer, you shouldn't settle for prints you're not happy with. While I've not reordered the parts I need yet, I'm hopeful that the orientation that Shapeways/James suggested will result in satisfactory parts.

    A few things have become very apparent to me about 3D printing... It's still not where I'd like it to be in terms of surface quality, regardless of material. You absolutely have to consider print orientation when designing a model, then choosing the orientation that it's printed. But I'm also considering purchasing my own printer (ANYCUBIC Photon) as some of the small resin printers available now days have some remarkable results and are perfect for guys like me...

    Even still, I'm slowly migrating toward "mixed media" part sets for "kits". That is, a combination of 3D printed, etched metal and cast metal/resin parts, in order to take advantage of the strong points of each media. There's not a "works for everything" process out there, at least not for the small scale, limited run manufacturer.

    Good luck...

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  14. srnjm420
    srnjm420 Active Member
    Thank you Jeff... I did reach out...

    Good luck with your hunt for a printer...

  15. jimmyadvice
    jimmyadvice Shapeways Employee CS Team
    HI @HOn2Jeff

    Thanks for kind words! I am very glad I could help get this sorted for you.

    @srnjm420 please definitely reach out to us at service@shapeways.com if you get an order and there is a quality issue. We are always glad to help.