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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stop4stuff, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. stop4stuff
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    A good question.

    Anyone from Shapeways care to provide a USD to Euro conversion rate for those of us who don't use Euros?

    Seriously, Shapeways prices are in static USD, why does anyone have the need to be subjected to fluctuating Euros?

    Very upset
    Paul King

  2. natalia
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  3. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Thanks Natalia.

    Maybe have a current and up-to-date conversion somewhere for us non-Euro peeps that the programmers have isisted we use?

    FYI, At the timeof asking the Shapeways conversion rate was a calculated 1.23 USD to the Euro, though.

    One model I am keeping an eye on changes price (in Euros) whenever the rate on Shapeways is changed - the USD price stays static :(

  4. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Hi Paul,

    As mentioned before we only change the rate we use once a month, on the 1st. So this rate will be current through the end of September.

    I have added a feature request to display the currency conversion rate on the site as well.

    The USD price will ALWAYS remain static, as the whole site is in Dollars, and we convert to Euros.

  5. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Sorry, you are wrong, the rate changed on the 4th September, not the 1st (BST = GMT+1 timezone). I have a day-by-day record of the pricing for the model I am watching. And no, it has nothing to with my browser caching before you ask, as every time the browser is closed all history is deleted.

    As model volume pricing is static in USD, Shop Owners are paid in USD why not just change things back to how they were before. i.e. Give buyers the choice of USD or Euros?


    [edit] personally, I hate the idea of using Euros - I am PROUD of our Great British Pound!

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  6. Phxman
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    Someone really needs to get a handle on this.

    Transactions are via PayPal, and account holders can hold balances
    in all three currencies, USD, GBP, & Euros.

    Where is the problem, when Shapeways can render in the respective
    currencies they hold for the Shop's sales, when eBay can do it?
    Shapeways do not have to get into currency conversions: a percentage
    commission operates across all currencies.

    Paul, I hear your frustration with Shapeways, and they obviously do not
    understand the artificial barriers they present for Shop Sales into the UK
    and Europe, to be successful.

    The appreciation of a Systems Manager to meet the needs of a business,
    when creating an online shop, can either make or break a business - here
    it has a knock-on effect for the primary customers of that business too.

    In my opinion, the implementation is a disaster.

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  7. bartv
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    Hi all,

    just to chime in: we have a large crew here in Europe as well, so we DO know what this means for shoppers and shop owners. Natalia and I have moved this issue to the top of our 'Community Happiness' list - this is the instrument that we can use to make sure developers work on things that are relevant to YOU. Work will begin shortly. I can't give you an ETA yet, but please know that we consider this one of our key issues at this moment.

  8. natalia
    natalia New Member

    Latest exchange rate (From 1st February 2013): EUR 1 = USD 1.3550

    And like Bart said, we're working on having this displayed on the site somewhere - like the footer, or on the shop pages, so it's always visible.


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