the connection between price and volume is not correct

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    Hi everybody,

    I loaded up a model to shapeways to get an approximately price for it. I want to use the Strong & Flexible Plastic (not dyed, not polished). Shapeways calculated the volume of the model to be 1609,06 cm³ and the price to be 1141,84$.
    If i calculate the price myself, my result will be 2252,68$.

    Now i hollowed the model to make it cheaper. The volume of the hollowed model is 682,03 cm³ and the price is 956,35$.
    I mean the volume is reduced by more than the half, but the price is reduced by only about 15 percent.

    I really dont get it how the price is calculated. maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    Measurements of the bounding box: In: 11.6 w x 6.3 d x 8.8 h
    Cm: 29.5 w x 16.1 d x 22.3 h

    Thanks in advance,

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    It is probably because of the density discount: :