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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by virtox, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. virtox
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    As I was wandering the galleries, It occurred to me that it is and will be quite cluttered :rolleyes: The current rating system tends to go askew after a while.

    So here are a few suggestions, some I've seen already mentioned somewhere in the forum, but here goes:

    I think it would be quite helpfull if the final score/rating doesn't show to a user unless they voted themselves.

    Hopefully this will push users to vote more AND not be guided by an objects current score.

    And on the main gallery page, the sorted by rating can still be there, just don't show the stars/score at this point !

    Seperate lists for new/recent designs
    Currently, there is the steady few on top with lots of votes and stars, but the rest just end up in the endless lists.
    It allows for a lot of great new designs to fall through the cracks on a busy uploading day.

    More lists
    It appears objects are currently sorted by the amount of stars AND votes, which is of course intuitive, but leads to the "all-time" ranking problem, of objects that just stay on top.

    Not to critize the top entries, but after a while, regular users have seen them, and it obscures the rest.

    A quick and simple implementation would be to optionally hide object that have already been voted upon by the current user.

    I think the rating could be improved by focussing more on the unrated designs. Of course an all time favorites list is always nice. But a seperate rated list for new/recent design would be helpful I think.

    Other remarks :

    - The "number of copies" I see on model pages, seems to be always on 0 ? Should this be the number of times it was ordered and printed ?

    - Would be very helpful if one could mark an object as "Work in Progress". I saw some reference to this somewhere in the documentation, but not on the model pages.

    - The forum is "out-of-focus" : The main texts in the topics are grey, too light grey in my opinion. Especially if there are some parts of the page showing up with black text, it pulls the focus away from the topic content.

    Just my 1 cent (would be 2 if we weren't in a recession :p)
    Hope its helpful !
  2. robert
    robert New Member
    Hi Virtox,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback!

    We should have something like "up & coming designs" which give the highest rated designs within a specific time period like last week or last month. Or maybe something like a week top 40 like in music which includes to number of views, ratings, comments etc and shows which designs are moving up and moving down. Ideally those lists should be split in different categories like art, sculpture, characters, decoration, functional pieces etc.

    We have lots of ideas on this subject. Any other opinions?

    Best regards,

  3. Fingers
    Fingers New Member
    I think it would be really helpful to have a way to only show ratings by people who have received a print of the object. Especially now that people have shops here, it's a bit strange that anybody can rate an object that they have never seen or used (in case of a functional part). I would never rate or review such an item at, say, Ratings affect purchasing decisions, so this could be important.
  4. tree
    tree New Member
    making it to people who vote are promted to leave a comment as well would be good, so that if they vote low they give some feedback as to why.